Newport News man charged with child abuse

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Newport News, Va. – Leondus Fred Woods, a 31-year-old Newport News man, was charged with child abuse after officials say a nine-year-old girl reported to a faculty member that her father had “whipped” her with a belt the night before.

Officials say the child had marks that appeared to be consistent with having been hit with a belt. They say there were also marks on her face.

Police investigated the complaint on January 16th and they issued a warrant for Woods. He was then charged with felony child abuse.

He was arrested on Jan. 22nd in the 500 block of Oyster Point Road.


  • J

    I learned hard lessons of life at the business end of a belt. Child abuse… about being hard headed and not learning life lessons the easy way.

  • Love and Patience

    How about, as an ADULT, you find a better way to get through to YOUR CHILD than through physical force and FEAR.

  • Kimberly

    If it hasn’t been for my father’s belt, I probably would be in jail. He had a heavy hand but a heart of love and I am no worse for the wear. To arrest a man for raising his child just seems completely counterproductive. Huggy-feeley dogooders is how this country got in the shape it’s in today.

  • Anon

    He was disaplining his child and sometimes if that child is hard headed and doesn’t know when listen and stop that when you bring out the belt to spank your child, it’s not abuse it’s disapline. But the face is whole other idea. Also a nine year old girl reported this are really going to listen to her wen with the marks which would have been from something totally different then what she reported.

    • Tony

      Anon I agree, its a shame you can’t raise your child these days because of something like this. My father did it to me and I was bad as hell. But look at me now. I’ve worked 1 job my whole life that I’m now retired from and now I own my own business. If it had not been for that belt I would have been dead or in jail. Parents you have to spare the rod or the police or corrections officers will do it for you. They are building jails based off 3rd grade reading scores. I just hope the world doesn’t whip her smh…

      • Ohh So Focused

        This is some bull. Parents should be able to discipline there children the way they feel fit. This comes down to culture. Caucasians think different, no disrespect. In Many parts of the world other races still physically discipline their children. Only in America is this Abuse. There is no booklet to parenting. People are doing the best they can and this goes for all races. No one should judge another person for attempting to parent, despite ones owns beliefs and values.I went to Catholic school the nuns hit us. And with good intention I’d put my kids in the same scenario, if I can read your intentions and I feel comfortable in your intentions. This is sad..

  • Samuel Hill Jr.

    Ok it seems that it’s not appropriate to discipline your child with this method of punishment, so why is it ok for Law enforcement to dispense worst punishment than this after they have been raised with the type of punishment that the LAW approve of? I believe what YOUR BIBLE says about this, ( Spare the Rod, Spoil the child.) Now when she go out here in this world an commit a crime that is worst than what she got whipped for, tell me, who’s to blame?

  • Love and Patience

    What could a nine year old possibly do to deserve getting “whipped” (read:STRUCK/HIT) with a belt?!

  • Junior B

    As many above have spoken about, I was also beat with a belt. I am a college graduate and have not been to jail.They stated she had marks consistent with being hit with a belt on her bottom. The marks on her face were not described in the same manner. Therefore, those marks could have been from her being a 9 year old child playing. Also, like mentioned above,police brutality is on the rise. So, if you carry a badge abuse is OK? Without full knowledge of the situation an arrest should not have been made. Just like some accused being put to death to only find later that they didn’t commit the crime! If people took half a second to get the full story instead of jumping to conclusions, perhaps we would be better off. You know what they say when you assume…

  • LaDonna Moseley

    Its a shame. I am 30 years old I go to church and the bible say spare the rod you spoil the child. These children of today have no control, manners, values or goals. I bet of he called the police to come do something about his child they would act as if something was wrong with him or there’s nothing they can do to help.

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