School gives African-American child Confederate hat as auction prize

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(WGHP) – A mom in Reidsville, North Carolina is upset after her son came home wearing a replica Confederate army hat he received as a reward at school.

Natasha Lea noticed her nine-year-old son Jacob was wearing a new gray hat when he got off the bus earlier this week, and a closer look revealed it was a confederate-style costume piece.

“I did not want to believe that. That the school actually let him walk around as an African American child with a Confederate cap on,” insisted Lea. “This stands for a dark time in our history,” she said, pointing at the hat.

Rockingham County Spokesperson Karen Hyler said the school system is aware of Lea’s concerns.

“At South End Elementary a classroom teacher rewards students with ‘big bucks’ for positive behavior,” Hyler explained in a statement today.

“Before winter break in December, the class had an auction where students could bid on different items using their big bucks. Many of the items are donated by families. One of the items for bid was a grey cap with a black bill. The cap did not feature any additional decorations.”

The cap was donated to the school, she confirmed.

Read what else the school system had to say about the cap at WGHP.


  • Catarina

    This mama needs to get over it and shame on her for continuing this cycle of hate! Stop being so sensitive! That was TWO different centuries ago. Oh, and Sweet hat, Jacob!!! Rock it

    • Debbie

      Please allow me to clarify why I believe the mother was upset. Imagine a Jewish child wearing an article of clothing with a swastika on it even if the child was unaware of what it represented. It’s not about hatred, but it is a symbol of oppression and suffering for a lot of people.

      • Mike

        Debbie, You too have been brought up being tought lies about the Confederacy. Comparing Southern men to Nazi’s is just insane. It was Lincoln who would be a lot closer to a Nazi with his war to kill Americans by the hundreds of thousands, drive them off their land, starve families and steal or burn what his army couldn’t use. Lock up editors and politicians that did not agree with his war. Take imigrants right off the boats put them in uniform and send them South for cannon fodder to kill Southerners. Lincoln wanted to deport the black population out of the country, anywhere he could and never got concerned about slavery till he thought England and France would accept the CSA as a Nation officially. Read his famous “Proclamation” carefully and you wil see it did not free one single slave. Study the numbers and see there were more slave states still in the Union at the very beginning of his war. Understand the facts, he asked states like Virginia to give him troops that he could use them to kill Americans, then they left the Unon also to fight against this crazy man.

        • Sharon McDonald

          Comparing Lincoln to being a Nazi is also insane. The South left the Union because of a lot of reasons. One reason was because Lincoln had been elected. You are right that he didn’t intend to free the slaves to begin with but by 1863 he had changed his mind as Presidents do and the Proclamation was written to save the Union. He would do anything to do that including freeing the slaves but only in those states that were part of the Confederate States. South Carolina said they would secede of Lincoln was elected and so they did. It was then that the war started. You obviously are not a Lincoln fan but the War between the States is more complicated but Good grief, this conversation about a little boy bidding on a gray cap really has gotten all of you including me way out of hand. It has nothing to do with the Civil War.

          • NativeOne

            Even during the Civil War,”… In November 1862, Lincoln wrote to a
            Kentuckian, George Robertson, with an offer that should have put the
            millstone of racism around Lincoln’s neck forever: an offer to buy a
            slave. “I now understand,” Lincoln wrote to Robertson little more than
            two months after issuing the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation,
            that “Col. Utley . . . has five slaves in his camp, four of whom belong to
            rebels, and one belonging to you. If this be true,” then for the slave
            belonging to Robertson, “I will pay you any sum not exceeding five
            hundred dollars.”
            AFTER writing the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln wanted to buy a slave “not exceeding five hundred dollars.” Back then, that was a fortune! Yet, even so, after wanting to free the slaves, HE offered to BUY a slave!!!! And no one wants to believe the man was a racist?

  • Patience Marie Moss

    Did she not realize that her child obviously bid on the hat because he liked it, and he won the bid in the auction. I really believe that the mom needs to get over the history of hate and let her child rock the cap. For her it may represent Slavery, however there were Black Confederate Soldiers that did wear the same hat. Does their sacrifice mean nothing to her? It is after all just a cap…SMH

    • Sharon McDonald

      I completely agree. The boy bid on it and won on it. He has no idea what that cap represented and he should be taught that he did nothing wrong. The parent has done more harm to him with her reaction then the school did. My ancestors fought on both sides as did many of our ancestors – Black and White.

      • starla jones

        If they had refused to let him bid on it cause he was black then something would have been said about that. Its a no win situation with some people! I for one am tired of the race card!

  • Kim

    First of all,, he is an American child, not African-American. If he was born here, he is American. I am of Irish descent but was born here, so I am American not Irish-American. You cannot be separate but equal. Second, all the child knew was he liked the hat, that is why he bid on it and I am sure he was really happy be won, that is why he was wearing it. Most every group of people have had some dark time in their past, but you have to let it go. This is why the hate can’t stop! People lost their lives for freedom, so you need to be free! Let your child wear the hat because you are the one with the problem not him!!!!!

  • Travis Porter

    Why that teacher didn’t inform that child what that hat stood for before giving it to him? That teacher had to know. That teacher needs an sit-down. You an teacher. Teach !

    • Sharon McDonald

      I am sure that the teacher was/is teaching. This was a reward system using “big bucks” which other teachers have used to help students to work harder, etc. They then can bid on items which have been given to the teacher or which she/he has supplied through her/his money. The article says the hat was gray with a black band. There was not insignia and I doubt that it even entered the teacher’s mind what “it” represented if anything. It seems to me that you and others are making this a problem when it isn’t. “Me thinks that you and others protest to much”. I will tell you that I am a retired teacher and I wouldn’t have thought about the color of the cap. Do you suppose the mother or you would have made a big deal of it if the cap had been blue again with no insignia? Would the teacher then had to explain to the child what it represented?
      Give me a break and while you are at it give the child’s teacher a break. We do teach! It is up to the student to learn.

  • Hattie Blythe Pierce

    Does his mother not understand or know that there were many African American soldiers for both sides during the Civil War. That hat is just as much a symbol of her child’s history as it would be if he had been white. It is about time for Anica Americans as well as whites to stop acting like their feelings are hurt over something that happened during the Civil War era and work together to overcome the misconceptions many have about that time frame.

  • Kim M.

    African American is referring to his race, not is nationality. They were not implying he wasn’t from America. They were describing his race. Just as whites are referred to as Caucasian, and Chinese referred to as Asian, etc.. It’s that way on most any application you fill out. People are so sensitive these days and make a rise of anything. Obviously, her son liked the hat. She could have made a much more positive impact on him by handling it differently. She really should have thought about how this could affect him. Poor little fella.

  • Bob

    Some people just are not happy until they find something to be “offended” about. This woman’s behavior offends me.

  • Travis Porter

    I’m not protesting. Just tell the child what he was wearing. That not just an hat. It means something to some. That’s the problem now. The youth is getting away with too much and no one or not a lot saying anything.


    on the other hand she could have used it as a teachable moment as black americans also fought for freedom and equality in the civil war and
    let him watch the movie Glory as well and read about those famous for
    fighting for the union !

  • NativeOne

    Maybe now would be a good time for that mom to do a bit of ancestral research. Who knows, maybe some of her own ancestors of the Confederate Army! And anyone who’s done their homework KNOWS the Confederacy nor their Flag “stood for” slavery. There were numerous Black Americans who fought in the Confederate Army.

  • Jason

    The youth do get away with way too much now. That is not the case here. The problem is people always wanting to play a victim. It is a plain hat with no markings. Slavery had something to do with the war ,but it wasn’t the only thing they were fighting over.

  • Tony

    The mother seems to be a bit disconnected with reality and her reactions show her ignorance to the facts of history. We will never overcome as long as people keep thinking like this.

  • Mary Gardner Martin

    Reblogged this on iconobaptist and commented:
    Two thoughts:
    1) The child bid on the cap. Might there have been a reason he wanted it? Don’t assume ignorance on his part. That is bigoted, in and of itself.
    2) There are African-American Civil War re-enactors, including on the Confederate side. History is not cut-and-dried, even if this mother wants to say it is. Not every African-American parent would have her reaction.

  • Don

    I am a black man who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. Its a hat! The kid didn’t bid on a noose and the teacher didn’t ask him to join the confederate army. the mom is just some bamafied NC black woman still riding the wave of hate.

  • bryanac625

    A parent has a right to decide what his or her child wears. If it had been me, I would have used the cap as a teachable moment… to tell my child that the cap was worn by soldiers of an army of a rebellion that tried to form a country based on the enslavement of Black people. Then I would ask him if he still wanted to wear the hat.

  • NativeOne

    Bryana, the Civil War was not about slavery. It was about the South seceding from the North. That propaganda about it being about slavery is a lie. The North needed the South’s resources to survive…the South, well, they didn’t need anything from the North. Just like the Confederate Flag, it does not ‘stand for’ slavery. There were numerous Black Americans who willingly fought on the side of the South. Some wore the Confederate uniform, hat and all. Many received awards and medals. The South freed their slaves because the slaves wanted to fight for the South. Don’t believe all the lies about how horrible all Southerners were. There were also Northerners who owned slaves also. You would be wrong to tell any child that the Confederates wanted to “form a country based on the enslavement of Black[sic]”. One of America’s biggest lies. It was about the secession of the South from the North.

    • Bryan

      NativeOne, you say it was about secession but you don’t say anything about what it was they seceded over. In their declarations of secession, they say it over and over again: slavery.

      CSA President Jefferson Davis, 1861:
      “My own convictions as to negro slavery are strong. It has its evils and abuses…We recognize the negro as God and God’s Book and God’s Laws, in nature, tell us to recognize him, our inferior, fitted expressly for servitude…You cannot transform the negro into anything one-tenth as useful or as good as what slavery enables them to be.”

      CSA VP Alexander Stephens, 1861:
      “Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

      Please show me recruitment efforts, enlistment records, muster rolls and discharge papers for Black Confederate soldiers.

      And considering the way Confederates treated Black Union soldiers- murdering when they tried to surrender or stripping them of their uniforms when they were taken prisoner

      I am a historian and these are the things I have learned about the Confederacy through my reading and studying of the subject. People would be very upset if a kid came home with a Taliban garment or some kind of badge from North Korea or China.

      • NativeOne

        Bryan, by the sounds of it, your ‘research’ is very biased. May I suggest research ‘the other side’. Read about some of the atrocious comments Abe Lincoln himself made. Read about some of the history of the more than 50,000 Black Americans who volunteered to serve in the Confederacy. Research about the anticipation the Confederate Black Americans had to be able to “shoot Yankees”. Read about how many of the Black American families sold some of their belongings to help finance the Confederates needs. Read about the free Black Americans who also owned Black American slaves. Or you can keep a closed mind, only looking at what you want to find and not see the whole picture.

        • bryanac625

          NativeOne, my research is not biased or one-sided because it can be backed up by primary source documents. The quotes I cited are the things these people actually said and believed during the war. Lincoln held racist beliefs but was transformed to a better understanding by the influence of men like Frederick Douglass and the service record of 180,000 African-American Union soldiers. I know Jefferson and Varina Davis took in an orphaned Black child off the streets of Richmond. But I’m more impressed with the man who worked towards freeing 4 million people.

          I’m going to ask you again- PLEASE PROVIDE recruitment records, enlistment papers, muster rolls, after action reports and discharge papers for these “50,000 Black Confederate soldiers” you purport. Where are their regimental histories? What units did they serve in and where?

          • Donald Fogle

            In all your rants, bickering and pseudo history lessons, what happen to the kid with the hat??? That was the issue. But yet again in all everyones attempts to show their knowledge of history and force their beliefs on someone else, you all fail to realize that you have fallen into the same trap that keeps us apart. Tolerence, respect and understanding is what will ultimately bind us all. Not tramping on and degrading each others opinions and beliefs like you all have done. Look how this one small topic has led to. Now you see how the big ones actually lead to violence.

          • NativeOne

            Donald Fogle, with all due respect, I believe my first comment was about the mother, her son, and the hat. From there people replied to me in a negative way, and I only responded with what I know to be facts that they overlooked or have been misinformed about concerning our country’s history. Now, may I ask you, why chide me and no one else? If you’re going to play the part of “Board Police” then you must address everyone that has gone off topic here, no? Have you not read the other posts that go a bit off topic here? Or is it simply because you do not agree with the facts I’ve stated and your only defense is to lash out at me personally? And really Mr. Fogle, your pointing out that the little boy’s mother couldn’t pronounce words properly? What point were YOU trying to make with that comment? You automatically lose the argument when you resort to personal insults. And yes, we’re all guilty of it at some time or other, but how about you look at the plank in your own eye before pointing out the splinter in someone else’s.
            Have a pleasant day Mr. Fogle.

      • NativeOne

        @ Bryan: And yes, your two resources you linked to are biased. They are funded 100% by the U.S. gov’t. VOA’s budget estimates are around $206.5 million per year. And no, I DO NOT trust our so-called government. I haven’t for quite some time now, before Obama came into office and before Bush 43, about the time when his father was in office and uttered the words “for a New World Order”, I shuddered.

        • bryanac625

          Still dodging the issue, NativeOne. OK, forget about what’s going on today, who is president, or whatever. I’m asking you to provide me with documented information, i.e., primary source material that would have been created between 1861-1865… recruitment papers, muster rolls, and so on. I am a historian and I work with archival documents. Please show me the records that support these 50,000 Black Confederate soldiers you keep talking about. Believe me, I and many other historians would LOVE to see them. Where are they, NativeOne?

          • Sharon McDonald

            Native One seems to be a Neo Confederate who wants to think that there were 50, 000 Blacks that willingly fought on the side of the Confederacy/ There is an article in the Harvard entitled “Black Confederates” with sources that say that those 50,000 were “pressed” into service as servants, laborers, drovers, etc. Remember at that time Black slaves were property and so the Confederates who owned slaves took some of their property with them. They were never considered soldiers. They were there to do the chores = the dirty work not to engage in the fight against the Yankees.
            It doesn’t seem sensible to me that a Southern soldier whether he owned slaves or not would give that slave a gun and expect him to stick around especially after 1863.
            Of course. the North didn’t treat them much better/

          • NativeOne

            Apparently you have assumed that Bryanac652 was correct in trying to chastise me for my comments. Those comments of mine she replied to as if they were directed to/at her were not. They were, if you go back and read them again, were for “Bryan”.
            But while I’m at it, let me just ask you one thing. If you think that no Black American slaves were given guns how do you explain the many photos (available to everyone on the internet) of those very men holding guns, showing off medals of honor, etc? Ya think they got them playing tiddlywinks or something? You crossed the line when you assumed you know me. And then really showed your ignorance thinking Bryanac652 was correct in responding to me as if I had made a comment to her about her resources being biased. That’s what happens when you don’t think for yourself, read things yourself, and research things for yourself. You end up looking ridiculous.

          • Sharon McDonald

            I also suggest that Native One go to to find out more facts about Black Soldiers and the Confederacy. He/she will find that when offered enlistment in 1863 and 1865 most refused. That article is very detailed about how many were in the Union Army, regiments, etc. That article also states as the Harvard one does that Blacks were “taken along” as servants. They were never enlisted soldiers.

          • NativeOne

            Sharon McDonald, you can suggest anything you want. I’ve read both sides of the “history books”. The truth lies more in what I have posted as it is the side that has produced more evidence that there were indeed Black American slaves that were freed by the South because they wanted to volunteer in the Confederate army. I would suggest that now that you are thoroughly biased to read and research more with an open mind as opposed to the closed mind you now exhibit. I bet you believe there were no free black men who owned black slaves too. And again, you would be wrong. America’s first slave owner was …gasp!…a black man. And even more Black Americans owned black slaves after him.

            “According to colonial records, the first slave owner in the United States was a black man.

            Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured servants. All masters were required to free their servants after their time was up. Seven years was the limit that an indentured servant could be held. Upon their release they were granted 50 acres of land. This included any Negro purchased from slave traders. Negros were also granted 50 acres upon their release.

            Anthony Johnson was a Negro from modern-day Angola. He was brought to the US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619. In 1622 he was almost killed when Powhatan Indians attacked the farm. 52 out of 57 people on the farm perished in the attack. He married a female black servant while working on the farm.

            When Anthony was released he was legally recognized as a “free Negro” and ran a successful farm. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black indentured servant. Instead Anthony told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker.

            Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654. In 1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold John Casor indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacks to own slave of their own race. Thus Casor became the first permanent slave and Johnson the first slave owner.

            Whites still could not legally hold a black servant as an indefinite slave until 1670. In that year, the colonial assembly passed legislation permitting free whites, blacks, and Indians the right to own blacks as slaves.

            By 1699, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. This was the first effort to gently repatriate free blacks back to Africa. The modern nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia both originated as colonies of repatriated former black slaves.

            However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States.

            By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.”
            Research, it will help you to finally learn the truth!
            My work is done. You are either going to want to learn the truth or you won’t. Like with Bryanac652, I’m not wasting my time with someone who doesn’t want to learn the truth.

          • NativeOne

            I’m not dodging anything Bryanac625, AGAIN, those comments of mine were NOT directed at you. Reading comprehension and attention to details in one’s comments seems to be lacking on your part, hence it stands to see why you are so misinformed. There is no use in trying to show you the facts, you will only deny them. A pure waste of my time.
            Next time, how about you brush up on your comprehension. You might learn some truth. I will no longer waste my time trying to correct your errors, misunderstandings, and your incorrect information.
            *Notice when I have directed comments to you, I use your entire screen name as I do with anyone else.

  • Rachel Fiedler

    If he didn’t have a problem with it why should his mom. Just goes to show that the problem of racism is being passed down from racist parents, GET OVER IT ALREADY! The racial issues in thus country are never going to go away if we continue to teach it. Its a hat. He likes it. Let him wear it.

  • dejah

    It is abslute nonsense to say the Civil War was not about slavery. Absolute nonsense. What WAS it about? If you say “State’s Rights,” I will ask you, “State’s Right to do WHAT?” Because the answer is “keep slaves” and we all know it. Spreading nonsense only makes you look ignorant and only the ignorant are remotely moved by your assertions. Anyone who is not completely ignorant of history knows exatly why we had a Civil War. The winners get to write history. The losers get to whine about it 150 years later. But all they are doing is whining. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

    The hat was obviously, just from a glance, a Confederate-style hat. Literally no one but reenactors wear that style of cap these days.You don’t have to be a college professor to see that–just a moderately well educated American with a decent high school education. It should have been sent back home to the parent who donated it as an inappropriate donation. Under no circumstances should it ever have been sent home with a black child. While I don’t expect a child to know better, or to see it as anything but a hat, I do expect teachers not to be complete, uneducated cretins. I wish I expected better of Internet commenters.

    Alas! I don’t.

    • Donald Fogle

      Im African American. My son is 10 years old and mixed race which side of him do i complain about the hat if he comes with it? The left or right side of him? Come on people. Let it go. The kid was still wearing the hat for the news and smiling ear to ear. The only person complaining is his mama who couldnt pronounce African American correctly. I don’t see any Spartans still complaining about what the Persian Army did. Oh yeah, thats right…they’re all dead. So is everyone who was in the Union and the Confederacy. Its OVER!!!

      • NativeOne

        You are absolutely right Donald, it’s over. Let the past be the past and we should all learn from it. I believe the problem lies with the propaganda that was and is still be taught in the public school system about the Civil War and slavery. I am not, in any way, denying there were some heartless, evil, and abusive slave owners. We know that for a fact. But what people seem to forget is that they were but a minority. The lies the “North” perpetuated about how “dirty” the South was still are rampant today. The “other side” of the truth seems to be what’s missing in our kid’s school books. It is always the objective of the victor to write “his”story. The complete truth is often passed over most often completely omitted in the history books.

    • NativeOne

      Dejah, if what you say is true, that the Civil War was about slavery, then why would more than 50,000 Black American slaves VOLUNTEER to fight for the Confederacy? To remain as slaves? Really? Why would so many of the Black Americans in the South donate some of their possessions to help finance the Confederacy? Why would so many of the Confederate Black American soldiers cheer at the possibility that they would be able to shoot Yankees????

      • Sharon McDonald

        They didn’t. Check out for the facts. They were taken along as servants to do the work but not fight When given the chance to enlist in the Confederate Army after the Emancipation in 1863 and then again 1n 1865 they refused. Read the article. Do you really think that Southerners whether they owned slaves or not would allow them to have guns on the battlefield when they weren’t allowed to have weapons before the war? They were considered property just like their mules, etc.

      • Bryan

        NativeOne, since you can’t produce documentation on Black COnfederates like I asked, ZI’m not surprised you would bring up the old “Blacks owned slaves, too” argument. Yes it is true that this happened. But Black slave ownership (as well as Native American slave ownership) was nothing compared to the overwhelming number of White people with Black slaves. For what it’s worth, most Blacks who did own slaves did so to protect their families. Husband owned wife. Or son. Or sister. Or a woman owned her own children.

        But who owned slaves isn’t really the point anyway. The problem is the slavery itself. And the Confederate States of America was never at any time committed to any kind of large-scale emancipation. Again, i can back my facts up with historical documents.

        • NativeOne

          Bryan, thank you for replying. I can only surmise that you have a biased look on the Civil War and what the South was fighting for. I’ve looked at both sides and have come to the realization that the victors, the North, reported the history of that time with rose colored glasses. They very well could never say they were fighting for power over the South, how awful that would have made them look. They then began the lie/propaganda or whatever one wants to call it, that the war was fought over slavery. The problem being they didn’t ‘cover all their bases’ when they tried to expunge the truth of the South. There is a man by the name of Nelson W. Winbush, who can tell it far better than I. It’s the first video on this website:
          Now, if you will take the time to view that video and the others on that site, you will see documentation of the truth about the South and her Black American Confederates. Mr. Winbush is the son of a confederate black soldier, Luis Napoleon Nelson. I doubt you would say that his father lied to him. And the many photos that are available to everyone on the internet of Confederate Black American soldiers in uniform, many holding muskets, knives, and other military ‘gear’. Does that not speak volumes?
          One of the videos on that site will show you the document, “A Compilation of the Official Records of Union and Confedeate Armies Series I, Vol. XIV, Page 24”; where om 1 September 1862 Lewis H. Steiner, US (Union) Inspector of the Sanitary Commission said of the Black Confederate Soldiers:
          “…arms, rifles, muskets, sabres, bowie-knives, dirks, etc. They were supplied, in many instances, with knapsacks, haversacks, canteens, etc. and were manifestly an integral portion of the Southern Confederacy Army…”
          Now, think about it Bryan, the facts show that the South freed their slaves, thousands upon thousands of them, armed them with the same weapons, gear, etc as the white Confederates, fed them the same food that the white Confederates ate, etc. and even to the Union, the Black Confederates were seen as “manifestly an INTEGRAL portion” of the Confederate Army. If slavery was so godawful in the South, wouldn’t the logical thing for those Black Confederate soldiers to do is turn on the Confederacy??? I would have, if it was as bad as the victors have portrayed it. Fact is, it wasn’t, that is why so many thousands upon thousands of Black Confederate soldiers fought FOR the Confederacy. I do not deny there were some very very evil, abusive, and criminal acts done to southern slaves. The same could be said of some of the northern slaves also. There were evil people in the north and the south. That, no one can deny.
          And, so many other free Black Southerners donated to the cause of the Confederacy. Do you honestly think that they donated to it to keep slavery lawful??? In the words of Irish-born Confederate Major General Patrick Cleburne from his January, 1864 letter to Jefferson Davis, “…It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies [The Union] are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties…”. Even Lincoln said that the Black man was inferior to the white man. That was the simplistic thinking of their day. But just because they thought of them as ‘inferior’ does not mean they were all beaten, burned, and whipped. That was a minority of slave owners who committed such atrocities, just like the minority of northern slave owners who committed the same atrocities.
          I do hope you will take the time and view the videos and peruse the site. Then you will learn much more, you will see for yourself the truths. One only has to open their eyes and mind instead of looking for what one WANTS to find. Try researching with an unbiased mind. That’s how I started out learning the truth. There are many Black American Southerners who are proud to own and raise the Confederate Flag, to tell of their proud Black Confederate heritage. If you look for THEM, you will find them. If you only want to find the lies and propaganda, you will find that also. Finding the truth depends on how open and unbiased you set yourself to be while researching.

          • bryanac625

            NativeOne- I am familiar with Dr. Lewis Steiner’s report (which has been the subject of much discussion) and SCV member Nelson Winbush. It’s been a while since I read Steiner, so I’ll have to get back to you. And Louis Napoleon Nelson (Winbush’s GRANDFATHER, not his father) was discussed again recently, also. I’ll get back to you on that.

            If you want me to look at your items, fine. Could you please show me the same courtesy, as opposed to dismissing the stuff I sent you as some sort of government [propaganda brainwashing? I would appreciate it if you would open your mind and look at the links I sent you as well.

          • bryanac625

            I have looked at the Steiner Report before and I know that it has been seriously questioned. For one thing, it mentions CSA General Howell Cobb (who, BTW, owned my great-grandfather; and I don’t know of any record of Cobb’s emancipating him) cheering on thousands of Black Confederates in Maryland in 1862 before the battle of Antietam. But then, 2 1/2 years later, Cobb is involved in the CS Congressional debate about arming slaves and famously says, “If slaves make good soldiers, our whole theory of slavery is wrong!” My question is, if he saw Blacks fight as good soldiers in 1862, why would he make such a statement in 1865?

  • Jesse Dixon

    The very first people of any race were black. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Irish, you name it. Regardless of the COLOR of your skin, we are still one peyote despite if our indifferences of how we feel about something. Hate is not natural, it’s taught. If you never teach a child about hate, they will never know what it is. That is the problem with society today. It’s ok to tell about the history but to instill them to carry on the gate is wrong. And just a reminder, blacks were the very first slave OWNERS! S.N. A person is enslaved only in the confines of their mind.

    • Donald Fogle

      As if the civil war wasnt long enough now we are at the birth of civilization. Any way to keep the party going.

  • Rob

    This is ridiculous nonsense. Guess the kid can only wear Fubu clothing and never a Polo shirt unless its US Polo Assn brand.

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