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Suffolk hunters want answers after dogs are found shot to death

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Suffolk, Va. - It was the last day of deer hunting season and two men said their dogs were shot and killed Saturday. Both hunters say this was no accident.

"Other people that got dogs are very concerned if they turn my dogs out on deer and they run across this property, are they gonna get shot?" said Jimmy Byrd, a Suffolk Hunter.

Byrd's dog, Ace, didn't come back Saturday at dusk. He went looking for the hound, and using a tracking device pinpointed the canine, only to find him shot and struggling to stay alive.

"It don't look good, somebody shot him because he had blood all over his coat and everything," Byrd said.

Richard Albright's dog was also found dead near Byrd's. Albright was with his sons in the dark looking for his three-year-old hound Cadillac.

"Lying there, in pain, what went through my mind was did the dog think of us? Did the dog wonder if I was coming to get him?" Albright of Chesapeake said.

Suffolk Animal Control is investigating who shot the dogs. Both hunters think someone who lives along Box Elder Road shot their hunting companions.


  • momof2

    I can’t say that I agree with hunting with dogs, I think it is cruel to the deer. But, it is a “way” to hunt. Can’t fault a hunter if he chooses to use dogs.

    That said, I don’t think it is right for someone to shoot the dogs that do hunt. They are still living and breathing animals who have hearts and can feel pain. I hope the person responsible is discovered and charged with animal cruelty at the least.

  • Tulip Jones

    This is so sad. I sure hope they do find the one’s that did this. I mean the dogs aren’t going to harm the land especially in these temperatures. The person that did it is a danger to society in general to shoot a domestic animal even if it is a hunting dog, because it is one step closer to a real killer of humans. They are obviously angry, and to not only make a decision to shoot one but two at the same time. If you can do this, you can kill anything. I am sorry for their loss

  • Caspar

    It’s a shame those dogs had to die, but what were they doing that caused them to be shot? I have had hunting dogs try to kill my cats and attack my dogs. They have killed my neighbor’s chickens. Do we homeowners not have the right to protect our animals?

    Suffolk has a leash law, but the law does not pertain to hunting dogs while on a hunt. It only pertains to our dogs. How fair is a leash law if it ignores hunting dogs? If you have a leash law, make it apply to all dogs, no exceptions. We need to stop protecting the good old boy hunters at the expense of everyone else’s right to enjoy their property.

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