Viral Video: Woman attacks Oklahoma fans at Sugar Bowl

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One Alabama fan got physical with some OU fans during the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on Thursday night. Video of the woman’s attack has gone viral with nearly 2 million views on YouTube.

She is initially pulled away from the group of OU fans but she comes back with a vengeance, diving over people and kicking as they try to remove her from the section. indentifies the woman as Michelle Pritchett of Sweet Water, Alabama. Pritchett tells yellohammernews the OU fans were taunting her teenage son. When she walked away someone cursed at her and it set her off.

The OU fan, Michael Connolly, says there was taunting from both sides going on during the game. Connolly talked with Sports Illustrated.

#11 OU upset the heavily favored #3 Alabama with a final score of 45-31.


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