Norfolk sailor’s grand larceny charges to be expunged

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Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk judge has signed an order to expunge a Norfolk sailor's criminal record, erasing any trace of nine felony charges linked to the November 2012 burglaries at Iowa Estates near Naval Station Norfolk.

DeAngelo Page was charged with breaking into his neighbors' homes in military housing and stealing electronics from their apartments.  Prosecutors had to drop the case in April 2013 because there was not enough evidence.

"I just want to clarify that I wasn't the one who did it," said Page after prosecutors dropped the charges.

The sailor says he was caught off guard when Norfolk police showed up at his ship in November 2012.

"I kept asking them 'What's going on? What am I being arrested for?,'" Page said, who explained his arrest was the first he had heard of any break-ins at his apartment complex.

"It was just real stressful," said Page.  "I spent nine days in jail.  I've never been in jail a day in my life."

Page and his attorney believe he was linked to the crime through an Xbox he purchased from a neighbor at Iowa estates. He said the man, whose name he never got, posted flyers about an Xbox for sale.

"I believed that the stuff was his because that's the way he presented it,"  he said.  "I wouldn't think that another Navy person would take stuff from somebody else, so that's when I was like okay it's yours? I'll buy it from you."

Page said he later traded the Xbox in for store credit.  His attorney said that transaction revealed the Xbox may have been stolen, but there was nothing else that tied Page to the crime.

"They didn't have finger prints.  They didn't have signs of forced entry.  They didn't have eyewitnesses to say they pinpointed me or even [saw] me going around. They didn't have anything." he said.

By April 2013, Norfolk prosecutors decided not to pursue the case.

Norfolk Judge Karen Burrell signed an order to have his record expunged on November 25, 2013. Page's attorney hopes it will be processed soon.

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