Hundreds of teens storm Norfolk mall; store owners want changes

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Norfolk, Va. - Shoppers and store owners say something has to be done to stop the violence at The Gallery at Military Circle.

The most recent incident happened Saturday when police say hundreds of teens stormed the mall causing chaos.

“Every weekend on Friday and Saturday nights a bunch of juveniles will just swarm the malls, no intentions other than being up to no good, shoplifting, running rampant, getting into fights and just generally driving out the other traffic that comes in the mall because they don’t want to be around that,” said one store manager who did not want to be identified.

Norfolk police say they were ask to assist after a fight broke out in the food court and a car was broken into near the theater.

The McDonalds on Military Highway was on lockdown as a response to the situation. Several store inside the mall also closed early.

No arrests were made but this flash mob of sorts was alarming considering similar events took place in New York and Florida.

“I believe kids should be with their parents not just by themselves,” said Adina Burns.

Burns was shopping Monday but said what happened Saturday does not surprise her.

“I see a lot of kids just running around, terrorizing people, terrorizing the mall,” said Burns.

Some store owners want a curfew at the mall on the weekends, others hope management will do what they have done at The MacArthur Center in Norfolk.

At MacArthur Center Mall, after 5 p.m. if you are under 18 you have to be with someone over 21.

At The Gallery at Military Circle there is no rule about kids being alone, but they do have a rule that standing, walking, or gathering in groups larger than four is prohibited.

“Having reviewed the videotapes and after hearing from both customers and store owners, we have decided to convene a meeting among our tenants, local police, other key Norfolk stakeholders and ourselves to determine appropriate next steps.” General Manager Mike Glenn said in a statement released Monday.


  • marv

    yeah u must not live in the area of course norfolk doesnt have white, latino in the area there all black….. of course u must of been there and seen them and can do all of us a favor and go down to the station and report the evil only black kids in the area that started it ….ur a good brave pillar of our community ….GOOD jOB….DUMMY

  • Bootman

    Time for hanging out at the malls to join other teen fads in history. Where were the parents-wait, they probably dropped them off.

  • J. Hofler

    What a shame…..I grew up shopping at Military Circle and Janaf in the lates 70’s and early 80’s. I am sure Norfolk media is going to cover up as many of the details that they can about who is responsible. What happened to fun at the mall and not terrorism?

  • hbrogan57

    We went to Military Circle mall once after relocating here a few years back because I remembered it being rather nice. We were sorely mistaken. We have NEVER been back due to the extremely bad and uncomfortable atmosphere.

    If the owners of this place really want to do something then they need to rid the place of the cheap fake jewelry and watch kiosks that line the middle. Also, get rid of the stores that cater to people looking to cause nothing but trouble.

    Another thing, and it was mentioned in the article, is to follow the lead of MacArthur Center. Don’t allow any kids under 18 after 5:00pm. As well as closing the mall early on the weekends.

    The trash that just want to cause trouble will be looking for a different place to run rampant in. Let alone the fact that we, as citizens, need to stop the coddling of the young people. Make THEM accountable for their actions. Or let their parents be held accountable and PAY for any damages caused by their kids…..

  • Shan

    Stating the obvious is pointless. Im black and I dont go to this mall. You can be a little more respectful though by not calling black people animals. I dont go around calling white people animals when the riot over hockey games.

  • James

    Meh Stopped going to this mall LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ago. Its haven for ghetto folk. Case in point. You are likely to get robbed in the lot.

  • Anna

    Such a shame. Being a teen in the ’70s we used to hang out at the mall on Friday or Saturday night. We never started any trouble. Never terrorized anyone. Just played games at the arcade and/or got something to munch on in the food court. Maybe did a little shopping.

    If these kids are representative our future we are in a deep load of …..

  • ashley

    Umm hello, and there just now making something outta it when its always been that way. They obv haven’t been to the near by areas either.

  • Mindy Peach

    When I was a teen I used to shop at this mall almost every weekend and maybe go to a movie and then get something to eat there. That was way back in the early 70’s when the place first opened and it was a beautiful mall too. Now since reading all these stories about the crime that is committed in the parking lots, shootings, and now flash mobs made up of a bunch of kids who have nothing better to do than harassing shop owners and shoppers. The Norfolk Police Dept won’t do anything to stop this unless these kids advance to damaging stores in an all out crime spree. I think kids should not be allowed in that mall after 5pm, period. Otherwise look out because it’s just a matter of time before something truly tragic happens.

  • Denisa Dellinger

    Several years ago, this mall underwent a makeover and the movie theater there is my favorite place to go to see movies. What are mobs of teens doing trying to go into the mall anyway? What was their objective if not to cause mischief? I don’t care about what color their skin is, a delinquent is a delinquent, and a hood is a hood, regardless of skin color. If shoppers don’t feel safe then the mall might as well close up.

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