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Drugs, twin babies found in vehicle with unconscious woman

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Newport News, Va. - A Newport News mother admitted to police she was under the influence of cocaine and painkillers while driving with her three-month-old twins in the backseat, according to a criminal complaint obtained by NewsChannel 3.

Lisa Marie Joe is in jail without bond after her arrest on child neglect, child abuse, and DWI charges after the incident Friday.

Court records say police noticed Joe's car creeping along Jefferson Avenue and Dresden Drive Friday afternoon. At first, the officers believed there was no driver in the car.

The officers, according to the criminal complaint, "Ran across Jefferson Avenue to the vehicle." The officer said Joe was "unresponsive, sitting in the driver's seat and laying across the center console and into the passenger seat."

The officer "observed saliva bubbling in Lisa Marie Joe's mouth."

One of the detectives "had to break the front passenger window to enter the vehicle" and they had to "pull Lisa Marie Joe from the driver's seat, as she appeared to be not breathing correctly and possibly having a seizure."

The criminal complaint goes on to say an officer "had to put the vehicle in park."

Police say there was a bag with crack cocaine and a glass pipe in the car. Police also located a bottled of hydrocodone that had been filled the day of the incident, and seven pills were missing.

According to the complaint, the mother "admitted to snorting cocaine earlier in the morning and taking three hydrocodone as soon as she had received the prescription."

Police said the children were not hurt.

Joe declined NewsChannel 3's request for an interview from jail.


  • B

    Yes, you do reserve the right to judge when people knowing put children in danger. In this case its their own mother, which is way worse. People like her shouldnt be allowed to breed. I say breed because thats usually what crack addicts do.

  • MomOfBoys

    Victoria Simpson – I don’t think you need to be “Jesus” to judge this one. She was clearly wrong for doing what she did and clearly not responsible enough to be entrusted to care for children. It’s not judging. It’s a fact. You can’t do drugs, put your babies in a car and then drive around. Sorry. Call me judgmental if you must.

  • Get educated

    Before you throw the “judge” card out there maybe you should open a Bible and study the Word first. Silly Jesus comments from ignorant people is what makes Christianity look ridiculous.

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