Norfolk’s Jewish Mother Backstage closes

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jewmaThe Jewish Mother Backstage on Granby is closing its doors for good.

A message was posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page on Monday morning announcing the closure.

A restaurant manager told NewsChannel 3 that parking has become a major issue for businesses along Granby Street and that many patrons don’t want to pay for parking which makes it difficult to operate a business.

The Jewish Mother’s Hilltop location will remain open and their location in Williamsburg is set to open in March.


  • Mike

    “PARKING” is the issue huh? You’d think the city would work more closely with these businesses and keep that revenue flowing and NOT have to raise the residences of the citys once these businesses fall

  • Mindy Peach

    See……just that kind of reputation associated with Norfolk keeps businesses in the red. Norfolk has just not learned that charging for parking a car is not working and because of this many really good restaurants close up. No one wants to pay to park along with having to pay for a restaurant bill………..NORFOLK WAKE UP…… away with this stupid way of fleecing people and maybe, just maybe Norfolk will see a nice turn around in the revenue these businesses provide.

  • M.H.

    Not surprising. Loved going to the Jewish Mother Backstage when I would go to a show at the NorVa, but I absolutely hated having to find a place to park or when I did have to pay to park.

  • dcy

    That’s too bad. One less fantastic eatery downtown. We love going downtown to eat because of all the great choices and lots of local owned places. Standing in 30-60 minute lines at the chain places in the burbs for lackluster meals isn’t something the interests us at all.

  • Al

    All parking in norfolk should be free after 5:00 PM, this is the time people come to enjoy the places downtown. But the Mayor and city council do not care about the local business Downtown

  • Phrankenstrat

    Why anyone would open a business in downtown Norfolk is beyond me. This is the very reason I don’t go down there. I refuse to pay for parking and they apparently don’t need my business anyway.

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