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Chesapeake family says B.B. gun shooter is targeting their home

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Chesapeake, Va. - Christie Parcero had a neighbor shoot her son and cousin with a B.B gun on separate occasions.

Then she says when she was in a mobile home Wednesday night, the shooter started firing away.

"They must have shot over twenty times," Christie Parcero said. "And if somebody would have stepped out the door they would have got shot."

The marks can be seen on the side of the trailer.

Parcero says her son got into an argument with a neighbor, and that's when the teenage shooter turned violent.

"He starts shooting the gun at him, and he got him right here and in the eye," Parcero said. "Well he shot him like five or six times point blank."

Wednesday while Parcero was in a neighbor's home, the shooter struck again.

"You can see the gun out the window and he's shooting towards this direction and of course as soon as he sees me he pulls the gun in," Parcero said.

Chesapeake police didn't get back to NewsChannel 3 when we asked if any charges are coming towards the shooter.

NewsChannel 3 went to the home Parcero says the b.b. gun shots came from.
They vehemently denied any involvement.

"A B.B. gun is still a weapon he could have taken his eye out. He was right there. That was so close to taking his eye out," Parcero said.

All of this is happening during a time of year when people are supposed to coming together, instead of feuding.