Large fire destroys VDOT building, four vehicles

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Chesterfield County, Va. – A large fire destroyed a VDOT building and four vehicles at the department’s district complex in Chesterfield County on Saturday.

The building stored administration files, highway signs, and four vehicles that were destroyed in the blaze. According to Eischen, VDOT does not anticipate the loss of the vehicles impacting snow removal this winter, according to our sister station WTVR.

WTVR reporters heard a number of explosions from inside the building as the fire raged.

There were no VDOT employees on site prior to the 2-alarm fire and there were no injuries.

“Once we’ve assessed the damage, we will begin rebuilding the structure and recovering losses.” said Tom Hawthorne, District Administrator for VDOT.

Right now there is no indication that employees were in the building at the time of the fire, Chesterfield fire crews are still investigating.

Virginia State Police and fire officials are investigating the cause of the fire.