Defense Dept. asks for plan to close all U.S. commissaries, report says

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(U.S. Navy)

Norfolk, Va. – The Defense Commissary Agency has been asked by Defense Department officials to develop a plan to close all U.S. commissaries.

The plan would close about three-fourths of all commissaries, according to a new report in the Military Times.

The request was reportedly made at a meeting to plan for the fiscal 2015 DoD budget request that is due out on February.

The agency  receives nearly $1.4 billion in annual taxpayer subsidies and has reduced its annual funding by $700 million over the last 20 years, according to Director Joseph Jeu.

That DeCA has been asked to prepare such a draft plan does not mean commissaries would close anytime soon. Even if such a plan was included in the defense budget request for fiscal 2015 — almost a year away — it would have to be approved by Congress, where many lawmakers would oppose it.


The Military Coalition, comprised of more than 30 military and veterans advocacy groups sharing a common agenda, also would fiercely oppose such a plan.


Still, the fact that defense officials want DeCA to draft a plan for how it potentially would carry out such a move is another sign of the heavy budget pressures weighing on the Pentagon as a result of sequestration.


DeCA has 178 commissaries in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. Almost 70 stores operate overseas. Operating costs for the overseas stores account for 35 percent of DeCA’s budget and 16 percent of total worldwide sales.

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  • milwife

    This is only one of the reasons why we have stayed here in Hamptonroads and not headed home… the NEX, Commissary, our insurance coverage… Do does this mean DFAS is going to increase the COLA money, Pensions etc… since they can’t get the discounts if these are closed? What about the Commissaries abroad? Those commissaries give our military members and families a sense of home with the items they sell.

  • Buffy m Pitchford

    My husband and I experienced the military housing to privitization in Hawaii. We’ve recently been told that even though my husband’s rate has basically been locked up for year but, we’re being forced out due to higher tenure.I guess the “make it as difficult as you can” is going to apply everywhere. Can’t see how they can deny us welfare if I decide to quit work and live on my husband’s retirement. I guess maybe then we’ll be treated as we deserved to be treated.

  • Chris

    Would be a huge boost to local grocery chains that have been hit hard. It will increase competition and help the economy overall. Besides, it is not a BENEFIT to stand in a 2 hour line while your food spoils the day after payday to save a few pennies. WalMart beats Commissary pricing 99% of the time now.

  • Jerry

    The only prices beat by the local economy are our Navy Exchange prices, certainly not the commissary. Many of our enlisted families, especially, depend on commissary prices to feed their families. Are we just going to force them back into the Food Stamp program like years past? They had better think this through as this will most certainly undermine military morale and the welfare of their families. This also equates to the loss of thousands of jobs from our workforce which, I am sure, very few of which would transfer to local grocery stores including Walmart, BJs, Sam’s and Costco since they are already staffed up. As a retiree, I am appalled at even the thought of this coming from the highly overcompensated bean-counters and Democrat-appointed Agency Czars in DC!

  • James

    You know just shut the hold country defense system down. All we need is the ones responsible for ever mess, conflict or war this country gets its self into settle it. They are the only ones who’s benefits never seems to be on any chopping block. Heck bring back the draft or make ever citizen apart of a minute men and women program for the country’s defense that way we all live in our own homes , who needs military housing.We now have a good medical program beginning in the country now is a good time as any get rid of those military medical facilities. Chris you never appreciate any benefit until its not there when you need it. All the food in the commissary is purchase from the same distributors as your local stores. The commissary do give money back to support the military moral funds. Walmart says it gives to the community, what budget have you heard of lay claim to those funds. I heard Walmart don’t pay worker very well oh yeah or give them great benefits .

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