Historic Naro Theater to relaunch into the digital age

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After facing the prospects of closing, the historic Naro Theater is ready to relaunch into the digital age thanks to people taking action.

The 75-year-old theater was only set up to run 35mm films – which was the industry standard for a long time.

But when things changed to all digital, The Naro was running out of options.

There weren't any movies available on the old format and the switch to digital would cost about $80,000.

That cost forced many other older theaters to close down.

The Naro instead asked its customers to pitch in and save the small business that had given them such a unique movie-going experience.

And with customers donating – some as much as $10,000 – they managed to reach their $80,000 goal.

In true Naro fashion, the first movie they are running on Thursday night in their brand new digital age, is 90-years-old. It’s a silent film called "Safety Last."

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