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Kitty Hawk to spend millions on beach nourishment

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It was a dying man's wish and now it's getting the green light from Kitty Hawk town council. They are going ahead with a plan to spend millions for beach nourishment.

David Twiddy of Elizabeth City died three weeks ago. In his obituary, he asked people to make a donation to the town of Kitty Hawk and their efforts to rebuild the beach instead of giving his family flowers.

So far, the town has received $600 and has earmarked it to help battle its shrinking beaches.

"It's almost frightening," said Aubrey Fitzgerald who has been going to Kitty Hawk for nearly 60 years.

The beaches would be extended 40 feet and bring back the badly needed dunes.

"See it disappear, it's kind of sad. You hate to come down here after a storm and see a lot of it's gone," Fitzgerald said.

The project will cost nearly 17 million, with the bulk of it being paid for by Dare County.

The town council admitted that spending millions on sand that will only wash away in the coming years wasn't a particularly good move, but they felt that doing nothing would cost even more.