OBX National Parks close due to government shutdown

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A part of life on Hatteras Island has washed away with the tide, as the federal government shut down means no driving on the beach.

Sharon Magaw and her husband spent $50 for a pass to drive on the beach, sadly there's no refund.

"We woke up this morning, went out in the roads and a couple of the access areas were still open so we're like, alright they're not going to close everything down, but then you see the rangers out there actually digging post holes," said Sharon Magaw, from Dover, DE.

Chains blocked the access to the beach. Not being able to drive on the sand for a day is one thing, unfortunately with no signs of compromise, these signs are staying up.

"Well you knew it was coming but you hope at the very last second that they'll get their act together and pull it out of the hat or whatever," Magaw said.

Rick Montinez came all the way from San Diego. Government shutdown or not, he was going out with his family on the beach.

He can't drive on the beach like he wanted, so he put one foot in front of the other and tried to put DC's stalemate behind him.

"It seems like there's a lot of bickering," said Rick Montinez of San Diego.

People come to Hatteras Island to unwind and escape the grind of their daily lives.
Washington's gridlock is putting that bliss on hold.


  • Carol

    The national park service has done nothing except lie and break the promises that they made to the people of Cape Hatteras. In 1952 we fought hard against them stealing our land and not paying anything for it. They promised never to close access to the beaches here. My mother heard them say it with her own ears. She lost 100’s of acres of high wooded land to the NPS. They are hated here, we want the state of NC to reclaim the land and make it a state park. Abolish the Dept of interior, they are worthless liars.

  • rose

    If not for the park service the cape hatteras area would have no wildlife refuge. There would be nowhere you could go that didn’t have tire ruts all over the beach. I go there to enjoy the beauty, not to drive my vehicle all over the beach. It would just be another overly developed franchise infested tidal wave of ugly if not for the park service. I am grateful for their presence and I think the way they have been treated by some on the island is disrespectful and rude. I am not alone and many people feel this way even some who live down there.

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