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Ahoskie man recovering after being shot several times with semi-automatic handgun

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Ahoskie, NC - A 22-year old man is out of the hospital after being shot six times with a semi-automatic handgun. That's what family says happened early Sunday while on his morning walk in front of New Baptist Ahoskie church

"It woke me up,” says Alice Sessoms, who called police after hearing the shooting. “I jumped up and ran to the front door. "

Sessoms lives on East Hayes Street. She was sound asleep when the man was shot right outside her home.

"It was six in the morning and I heard someone hit the side of my house real loud," she says.

She ran outside to see what happened.

"I said 'what is wrong? What are you doing?' He said ‘Miss, will you please help me. I’ve been shot,’ " she says.

Ahoskie police say the shooter fired off several rounds from inside a car, got out, kept shooting, then drove away.

The man's family says they have no idea who would do this.

"He was standing right there bent over,” Sessoms says. “He was hurting. "

Sessoms called 911 and the man was airlifted to Greenville. Family says he was shot in his leg, knee, hand and hip. Several surgeries later, they say he will be able to recover at home.

"He is lucky," Sessoms says.

Investigators aren't sure if there was more than one suspect involved.

They believe the shooter fled in a dark-colored purple or burgundy car.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to contact Capt. Michele Garrett or Lt. Jeremy Roberts with the Ahoskie Police Department (252) 332-5012 or tips line at