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Chesapeake man shoots girlfriend, claims self defense

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Chesapeake, Va. – A Chesapeake woman was shot by her boyfriend, and he hasn’t been arrested because police say it could have been self defense.

“Everybody was wondering what happened over here. It was just a total shock,” said Vickie Hawes, who lives next door.

Officers tell us the woman’s name is Latasha Kolk.

“Now her kids got no mother. To lose your mother like that. The kids were in the house. How do you think the kids are going to feel?” neighbor Rebecca Williams said.

Investigators say Latasha’s boyfriend called 911 after he shot her, claiming it was in self defense.

“They argued ever since he was staying with her. He was a big, bald-headed guy, weighed about 300 pounds. How is that self defense? Come on now,” Williams added.

Police are still questioning him, and they aren’t releasing his name.

But for the neighbors, they say they’ll never really know what happened inside the apartment.

“Behind closed doors, you just really never know what`s going on,” Hawes said.