Football games will be played at night again in Norfolk

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Norfolk, Va. - Lake Taylor, the defending state champs, are playing against Oscar Smith.

It's such a big match-up that it's going to be nationally televised as the two teams play under the lights.

Norfolk Public Schools switched their games to daytime last year after a student was killed going home from a game at Booker T. Washington.

Norfolk Public Schools says it's safe to play at night again, less than a year after moving all games to Saturday during the day.

Twenty-four of the 25 home football games played by Norfolk Public Schools will be at night this year.

The city says it wants to maintain the tradition of Friday night lights.

They say it's safe to play again, but the school system hasn't changed any of its safety measures and Norfolk Police haven't beefed up their patrols.

School officials say they will be looking at game-by-game safety assessments, and they will reschedule games later in the season if anything happens, like a shooting or a fight.


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