Are Virginia police officers breaking the rules?

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Charlottesville, Va. – When you think of police, you might think of men and women who follow the rules. But according to one University of Virginia law professor, most police departments in Virginia are breaking them. That’s according to a report from WTVR/CBS 6 in Richmond, Va.

“I find the results really depressing,” Dr. Brandon Garrett, a law professor who specializes in wrongful convictions, told CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George.

Dr. Garrett said 90 percent of police divisions in Virginia are not following state recommendations when it comes to questioning eyewitnesses, according to the report.

His findings come after months of studying information collected from departments via the Freedom of Information Act. Garrett said when police show mugshots or lineups to an eyewitness, the officer in charge is not permitted to know which person is the true suspect.

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