Chesapeake mom says she was slapped to the ground, beaten by burglar

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Chesapeake, Va. - A Chesapeake mother says a man broke into her home as she was sitting in the kitchen with her two young children.

"He started busting the door open and my six-year-old was curious so he was running back," Amber said.

Amber didn't want us to show her face or give her full name, still shaken two days after the break-in.

Sunday night she went into survival mode, getting her children out of their Greenbrier home.

She told them to run away before the intruder could attack them.

"So he ran and as soon as he did, the guy slammed the door behind and he turned around and slapped me so hard it made me drop to the floor," Amber said.

Amber doesn't remember exactly what happened after being knocked down.

The man hit her repeatedly. She knew she had to find a way to escape.

"He kept saying he wanted me to get him a gun and so finally I said 'Okay, I got one in the car, let's go get it from the car.' And he yanked me up from the floor and allowed me to go to the door and as soon as I open it, you know, you can see that look in his eyes he screwed up and I just ran," Amber said.

Amber looked for her children, who were waiting at the end of the street.
Holding them wasn't something she thought would ever happen again.

"I didn't think I was going to make it out of the house alive or at least in good condition," Amber said.