It’s raining Twinkies in Hampton Roads

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Latifah Al-Hazza and Joseph Patterson, WTKR Interns

The sweetest thing to come back to the shelves...the Twinkie.

Don’t be fooled by the July 15th release date - some Walmart stores in the Hampton roads area have them in today.

NewsChannel 3 went on a little Twinkie adventure to bring some back to the newsroom.

Smiling from ear to ear, customers were so happy to find the treats back in store.

Virginia Beach local, Daniella White, says, “Yes. I can finally restock. I thought they were gone forever.”

Now we can all go to bed with visions of Twinkies dancing in our heads.


Here is a list of Walmart stores where you can purchase Twinkies at this time:

2448 Chesapeake Square Ring, Chesapeake
201 Hillcrest Parkway, Chesapeake
657 Phoenix Drive, Virginia Beach
1149 Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach
1200 North Main, Suffolk
1098 Fredrick Blvd, Portsmouth
1214 Jefferson Ave, Newport News

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