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The HTC One is amazing from head to toe!

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Let’s just say the HTC One is just that: The One phone to rule them all!

I got it a couple weeks ago and was excited, but not as excited as I should have been. This phone is amazing from head to toe!

Camera: I love pictures. I take a lot of them, and so naturally I want them to look the best they can. So I was a little put off by the One’s 4 MP camera. I mean my Galaxy Nexus has a 5 MP camera and it can be a little lackluster at times. But I snapped off a few pictures and was really blown away. The camera is FANTASTIC!

I really felt like it was taking pictures like my Sony 12.1MP. They were crisp, clean and vibrant!

Battery life: I’m a stickler for some good battery life. Aren’t we all? So I put it to the test hard core with some Ingress. (Which uses screen-on and GPS the entire time) After about an hour of that plus the day’s other use, I put down the phone and went to sleep. Woke up the next morning and still had a fair amount of battery. It was enough to get me through some moderate use for another 6 or so hours. That’s a big win in my book!

Media: I love the screen on this phone! It’s big, crisp and actually fun to watch YouTube with. Coupled with the front facing speakers on each side (top/bottom) it’s just a different experience. Now those speakers that the commercials tout as the greatest thing since sliced bread aren’t quite as good as they’d like you to believe. But I will say it’s noticeably louder and easier to share music/videos with people around you. So it’s another win.

Speed: The HTC One is clocked at 1.7 GHz quad-core processor and it shows. The phone is snappy and I never noticed any lag on it. Never. And with some very impressive 4G-LTE speeds from AT&T, I was blazing through the internet and apps like I was The Flash. It was really hard going back to my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

Calls: Since first and foremost it is a phone – call quality is important as well as in-call volume. The One passes both with flying colors. AT&T’s network is solid and the phone does what it’s supposed to. Calls are clear and I didn’t have to crank up the volume all the way to hear the caller.

HTC Sense: Here’s where my one possible complaint could come from. The overlay over Android HTC uses – Sense. I’ve never been a fan; however the newest upgrade is so much better! I could actually use it and didn’t hate it. Would I rather have stock Android experience? Of course I would, but it’s not that bad and the User Interface is very user friendly. If you’re going to have an overlay – Sense isn’t the worst.

Look/Feel: When I handed the phone to co-workers to check out, a lot of them said it reminded them of the iPhone. I think that’s a fair assessment. It’s not quite like an iPhone, but it does have that slick, polished feel. The power/volume buttons are sleek giving it a very polished feel. A lot of other phone manufacturers should take notes.

I always say I hate sending back phones that I get to write about, but this one was especially rough. If you’re ready to buy a new phone, this could be the One phone you want. It’s near perfect and doesn’t have a million gimmick features that you probably won’t use more than twice.

It’s clean, sleek, smooth and a pleasure to use. It’s 100% in the top 2 phones I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. – Doctor Droid.

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