Woman says man broke into her home after selling him video game on Craigslist

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Chesapeake, Va. - Joyce White sold a man a handheld video game system on Craigslist, and hours later he came back and broke into her home.

"The guy you know pulled the gun on him, cocked the chamber back and was going to shoot him, demanding the money," says White.

White put a PSP for sale on Craigslist for $75.

The man came to her home Wednesday evening, and the transaction went smoothly.

"Then you bring your family in front of my house. This the thing, you coming in front of my house with your kids, but never underestimate somebody,” says White.

An hour later, White had left and that's when the man broke her locked front door.

White's fiancé was in the shower when the man came back in wanting a refund.

"I want my money back. I want my money back and then he pulled out a nine millimeter at him,” says White.

But the money was with White at the store.

Then the man saw three cell phones on a living room table.

"He grabbed the cellphones, threw my glass table across the floor and ran out the door and ran down the street,” says White.

White says a Chesapeake detective came by Friday, and she identified a picture of the man.

No word from police if the man has been arrested.