Boston cheers as chaos ends – but questions, grief remain

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(CNN) – Boston can finally rest.

After a five-day nightmare filled with tragedy and grief, fear and anxiety, one suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings is in custody. The other, his older brother, is dead. Police say there are no more suspects.

Residents across Massachusetts are cheering the efforts of law enforcement officers who ended a week of danger and fear.

For almost 24 hours on Friday, the cities of Cambridge, Watertown and Boston were paralyzed as authorities hunted for 19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev — a man not only suspected in the bombings, but who authorities feared could unleash more explosives.

Tsarnaev will face federal terrorism charges and possibly murder charges on the state level, a Justice Department official told CNN on Saturday. The charges could be filed before Tsarnaev leaves the hospital, where he is recovering from serious injuries he may have received during a shootout with police.

Suspect curled up on a blood-stained boat

The dramatic end to the manhunt came when a Watertown man, cooped up in his house all day because of a “shelter in place” order, finally stepped outside when the order was lifted.

David Henneberry soon noticed the tarp covering the boat in his backyard was flapping in the wind and a retention strap was cut. He also noticed a small amount of blood on the tarp.

“He basically stuck his head under the tarp, noticed a pool of blood,” Henneberry’s stepson Robert Duffy told CNN.

Henneberry discovered a man curled up in a ball.

“And at that point he became an absolute hero. Instead of being a hero at the moment and yelling at what we now know was the suspect, he did the right thing as law enforcement had urged” and called 911, Duffy said.

Authorities arrived and evacuated Duffy’s stepfather. Using a bullhorn, they called out to the suspect: “Come out with your hands up.”

The bloodied man refused.

“We used a robot to pull the tarp off the boat,” David Procopio of the Massachusetts State Police said. “We were also watching him with a thermal imaging camera in our helicopter. He was weakened by blood loss — injured last night, most likely.”

A gunfight ensued, with more than 20 rounds fired.

Authorities eventually rushed the boat and took Dzhokar Tsarnaev into custody.

24 hours of chaos

Shortly after the FBI released photos of the suspects Thursday night, Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, led authorities on a whirlwind manhunt.

Officials say the brothers, for no obvious reason, killed Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier while he was sitting in his car. The Tsarnaevs then hijacked a vehicle, telling the driver they were the marathon bombers, and hurled explosives at the pursuing officers, authorities said.

“There was an exchange of over 200 rounds of gunfire, there were improvised explosive devices, and handmade hand grenades thrown at the officers at the scene,” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said. “This is the stuff that in an urban police department, it’s almost unheard of.”

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, died in a shootout. He was wearing explosives and a triggering device when he died, a source briefed on the investigation told CNN.

Over the course of Friday, the Boston area virtually shut down as federal, state and local authorities went door to door searching for Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

The FBI, while executing a search warrant at a residence believed to have been affiliated with Tsarnaev, took three people into custody for questioning Friday. It was unclear Saturday what information the FBI was seeking and whether the three were released.

Spontaneous parades for police

The collective mood in the region turned from fear to cheers Friday night after Boston police sent out one tweet: “The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.”

As local and federal authorities left their positions late Friday night, hundreds of residents swarmed the streets of Watertown and Boston, surrounding the cars and cheering them on.

“Every time a police car passed by, the cheering became louder, and a sense of respect and admiration was felt through the crowd,” said Montana Fredrick, who joined a sea of other Northeastern University students in greeting the officers.

“I feel relieved, and I feel like everybody else is relieved,” Berklee College of Music student Myles Marcus said. “I feel like I can go back to school now and know that I’m safe.”

While many officers remained stoic, members of the Boston SWAT team responded to the crowds: “Thank you. Thank you. It was our pleasure,” the team said over a loudspeaker.

Still mourning

But the celebrations were tempered by the deaths of four people this week, all allegedly by the hands of the Tsarnaev brothers.

Three spectators were killed in the marathon bombings and Collier, the MIT police officer, was fatally shot early Friday. At least 58 people remained hospitalized late Friday night, including three in critical condition, according to a CNN count.

The family of 8-year-old Martin Richard, who was killed in the bombings, issued a statement thanking the authorities and members of the public who helped track down the two suspects.

“It worked, and tonight, our community is once again safe from these two men,” the Richard family said.

“None of this will bring our beloved Martin back, or reverse the injuries these men inflicted on our family and nearly two hundred others. We continue to pray for healing and for comfort on the long road that lies ahead for every victim and their loved ones.”

Boston sports teams Saturday were honoring the victims of the attacks.

The Boston Red Sox planned a special pre-game ceremony at their Saturday game against the Kansas City Royals, which was being played amid heightened security at Fenway Park. Their Friday night game against the Royals was postponed because of the city lockdown and will be played Sunday, the team said, for a day-night double-header.

The Boston Bruins hockey game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, originally scheduled for Friday night, was rescheduled for Saturday afternoon.

The Bruins and Penguins, along with the Red Sox, all plan to auction their Saturday jerseys to support the bombing victims.

Limited-edition T-shirts reading “Boston Stands as One” are being sold by the Boston Celtics to support the victims. Players planned to wear some of the shirts while warming up for Saturday’s game, the team said.

Obama and Republicans stand together

President Barack Obama united with Republicans on Saturday in condemning the violence that took place in Boston and praising the valor that followed.

In his weekly radio address, Obama argued the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, which he described as an “act of terror,” will not be remembered for the damage it caused but the “stories of heroism and kindness.”

In the Republicans’ address, Sen. Tim Scott, like Obama, praised first responders and cautioned those who would consider attacking the United States.

“There is no corner on Earth, no hiding place in America that will keep us from finding you,” he said.

Scott said the United States “will do everything in our power to bring justice for the families and the communities impacted. Our freedom is our most precious possession. Any effort to take it away will only strengthen our determination.”

The next phase: A hunt for a motive

Dzhokar Tsarnaev was in serious condition at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Saturday morning with law enforcement guarding the doors. His survival may give authorities a chance to figure out what motivated the bloody spree.

Tsarnaev’s uncle Ruslan Tsarni called the brothers “losers” and said their alleged actions were abhorrent.

“You put a shame on our entire family — the Tsarnaev family — and you put a shame on the entire Chechen ethnicity,” Tsarni said.

Tsarni promised Saturday to help his nephew seek forgiveness from the bombing victims and advised him to tell police everything he knows.

The brothers come from a family originally from the Russian republic of Chechnya and fled the brutal wars there in the 1990s. It’s unknown how their Chechen roots may have influenced their alleged actions.

Tsarni said he believes Tamerlan Tsarnaev influenced his younger brother.

FBI agents interviewed the elder Tsarnaev in 2011 at the request of a foreign government that suspected he had ties to extremist groups, the FBI said Friday. It declined to name the government.

The request was based on information that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a follower of radical Islam, the FBI said, adding it found no evidence of terrorism activity.

“I think unless we see some horrible dropping of the ball, I don’t think this is an intelligence failure,” said former CIA operative Robert Baer. “In retrospect, it might look like one, but I don’t think it is.”

The suspects’ father, who lives in the Russian republic of Dagestan, told CNN on Saturday that he believes his sons were “never, ever” involved in the Boston attacks. He also said he plans to go to the United States, though he didn’t say when.

As authorities try to pinpoint a motive, they’re also trying to figure out whether the suspects had help from others.

There are legal questions, too. The government is invoking the public safety exception, a designation that allows investigators to question Dzhokar Tsarnaev without reading him his Miranda rights, a Justice Department official told CNN on condition of anonymity.

It means Tsarnaev may be questioned without a lawyer, which some legal analysts say should not be allowed.

Matt Knight April 19, 201311:14 pm

The family of 8-year-old Martin Richard, one of three killed in the Boston Marathon bombing, thanked law enforcement for the arrest but added: “None of this will bring our beloved Martin back, or reverse the injuries these men inflicted on our family and nearly two hundred others. We continue to pray for healing and for comfort on the long road that lies ahead for every victim and their loved ones.”

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:25 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:12 pm

President Obama, “all in all this has been a tough week, as president I know we have the resilience to overcome these challenges.”

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:10 pm

President Obama: “Tonight our nation is in debt to the people of Boston and the people of Massachusetts”

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:00 pm

(CNN) — Despite being bloody, the Boston Marathon bombings suspect exchanged gunfire with authorities from his hiding place in a boat in a Watertown, Massachusetts, backyard, Boston police Commissioner Ed Davis said. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect, did not have explosives on him at the time of capture, according to Davis.

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:54 pm

Boston’s police commissioner says gunfire was exchanged when suspect was apprehended.

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:50 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:44 pm

President Obama will speak from the White House on the arrest once this press conference is over.

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:43 pm

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick expressed thankst to “all of those law enforcement resources, assets and, more important, people, professionals who brought their ‘A’ game” leading to the arrest off the second Boston Marathon bombings suspect. “It’s a night where I think we’re all going to rest easy,” he said.

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:41 pm

A camera rolling on the scene in Watertown after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was taken into custody may have captured him being carried away in an ambulance with undisclosed injuries:

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:39 pm

Boston’s mayor: “I want to thank the citizens out there.”

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:37 pm

Crowds cheer public safety officers after capture:

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:33 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:26 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:21 pm

(CNN) — Law enforcement officials erupted in cheers in Watertown, Masssachusetts, on Friday night — moments before Boston police tweeted that the lone remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was in custody.

After the ebullient shouts, police began heading away from the backyard of a Watertown home where the suspect, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, was believed to have been holding up in a boat. Soon thereafter, an official in a law enforcement vehicle with tinted windows was asked by someone, “Is that him?” The person inside the vehicle responded, “Yes” — precipitating more cheers among the residents gathered nearby.

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:19 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:14 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:03 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:01 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20138:54 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20138:53 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20138:49 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20138:47 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20138:42 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20137:29 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20137:27 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20137:22 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20137:17 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20136:17 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20136:12 pm

Becca Mitchell April 19, 20136:11 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20134:36 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20134:35 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20134:20 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20134:19 pm

Investigators probing the Boston Marathon bombings “are recovering a significant amount of homemade explosives” in Watertown, Massachusetts, where authorities engaged in a gunfight with the two suspected bombers, Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio said Friday.

Matt Knight April 19, 20133:58 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20133:45 pm

(CNN) — Tamerlan Tsarnaev — the 26-year-old man who, with his brother, is suspected in this week’s deadly Boston Marathon bombings, flew to Russia in January 2012 and returned to the United States about six months later, said a U.S. official who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killing overnight following in a shootout with police; his brother remains at large.

Matt Knight April 19, 20133:21 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20132:52 pm

Holly Henry April 19, 20132:33 pm

Tamerlan Tsarnaev studied at Bunker Hill Community College

Holly Henry April 19, 20132:32 pm

Dzhokar Tsarnaev became a U.S. citizen Sept. 11, 2012.

Holly Henry April 19, 20132:31 pm

(CNN) — Chechnya’s president rejected any links between his land and two brothers with Chechen roots who are suspects in the Boston Marathon terror attack.

“They grew up in the US and their views and beliefs were formulated there. So you need to look for the roots of the evil in America,” Ramzan Kadyrov said on his official Twitter account.

Holly Henry April 19, 20132:30 pm

(CNN) — Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev, 19, the Boston Marathon attack suspect now at large, came to the United States on July 1, 2002 at age 8 on a tourist visa, a federal source said.

Matt Knight April 19, 20132:25 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20132:25 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20132:00 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20131:47 pm

The FBI is at the New Jersey home of the sister of the bombing suspects:

Matt Knight April 19, 20131:33 pm

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency says people sheltering in place at work should feel free to return to their homes and stay in place there.

Matt Knight April 19, 20131:28 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 20131:19 pm

Dzhokar Tsarnaev has tweeted since the Boston Marathon bombings on what two friends of his tell CNN is his Twitter account.

Read more:

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:53 pm

CBS news reports that Boston terror suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was naturalized on 9/11/12 the day of the Benghazi attack in Libya.

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:50 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:41 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:41 pm

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:41 pm

A controlled explosion will be conducted on items found at home on Norfolk St. in Cambridge later today before police begin a search.

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:35 pm

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says request for residents in city of Boston and surrounding areas to stay indoors remains in place.

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:24 pm

An uncle of the bombing suspects has harsh words for his nephews

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:20 pm

Bloody manhunt unfolded in Boston while most of the city slept
Just hours after authorities released images of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, chaos ensued.

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:06 pm

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev has a Twitter account and has tweeted since the bombing, friends of his told CNN. His tweets included one early Wednesday at 1:43 a.m. that said, “I’m a stress free kind of guy.” On April 15 at 8:04 p.m. — hours after the bombings — he tweeted a quote from rapper Jay-Z, “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people.”

Matt Knight April 19, 201312:03 pm

In Cambridge, classmates of younger suspect describe him as friendly and athletic.

Matt Knight April 19, 201311:57 am

(CNN) — Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, delivered his condolences to the victims of the bombings and said he was shocked that the children of his brother might have been involved in such an incident. “Of course we’re ashamed.” Speaking outside his home in the Washington suburbs, he said the 19-year-old suspect still on the run “has put a shame on our family, a shame on the entire ethnicity. ” Tsarni urged his nephew to turn himself in. He said anyone capable of committing such a crime are “losers.”

Becca Mitchell April 19, 201311:51 am

Matt Knight April 19, 201311:43 am

Matt Knight April 19, 201311:23 am

A mixed martial arts instructor says he was Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s trainer:

Matt Knight April 19, 201311:07 am

Matt Knight April 19, 201311:05 am

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:59 am

Another of the suspects uncles spoke with WBZ TV:

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:50 am

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:47 am

Cambridge Police released this photo of Sean Collier, the 26-year-old MIT police officer allegedly shot and killed by the bombing suspects last night.

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:30 am

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:30 am

Some background on the brothers that several sources tell CNN are the suspects involved in Thursday night’s shootings and police chase and Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings:

Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev, 19, the marathon attack suspect now at large, came to the United States as a tourist in the early 2000s and asked for asylum while he was here, a federal source said. He was naturalized last year. Tamerlan, the 26-year-old brother who was killed overnight, came “a few years later” and was a green card holder, not a naturalized citizen, the source said, according to CNN’s Mike Ahlers.

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:26 am

Transit police officer shot by Boston bomb suspects is VMI grad

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:09 am

Matt Knight April 19, 201310:07 am

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer killed Thursday evening has been identified as Sean Collier, 26, of Somerville, Massachusetts, law enforcement officials said Friday. Collier had been fatally shot while he sat in his car and police believe that suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were responsible.

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:57 am

Suspects’ father: ‘My son is a true angel’ Uncle: ‘They do not deserve to exist’

Holly Henry April 19, 20139:57 am

(CNN) — An aquatic director at Harvard University told CNN that he hired Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a lifeguard more than two years ago, but hasn’t seen him for more than a year.

“He seemed like a very quiet, unassuming young man,” the aquatic director, George McMasters, told CNN on Friday morning. “He showed up on time, watched the water, rotated from position to position fine, got along well with students and swimmers there at the pool.”

Holly Henry April 19, 20139:56 am

Suspects described as brothers from Russian Caucasus

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:40 am

The Boston bombings suspect who was killed in a confrontation with police overnight in the Boston area was wearing explosives and an explosive trigger when his body was recovered, a source briefed on the investigation says, according to CNN’s Deborah Feyerick.

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:38 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20139:35 am

Holly Henry April 19, 20138:52 am

(CNN) — Boston Logan Airport said it is open and operating under heightened security. The Federal Aviation Administration’s temporary flight restriction is centered over a law enforcement search site.

Holly Henry April 19, 20138:50 am

Suspects’ uncle: “I’m wordless…shocked.”

Matt Knight April 19, 20138:41 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20138:39 am

Holly Henry April 19, 20138:37 am

CBS: Suspects’ parents are in Russia.

Matt Knight April 19, 20138:24 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20138:21 am

Holly Henry April 19, 20138:19 am

BREAKING: Boston has now suspended all taxi services in the city.

Holly Henry April 19, 20138:15 am

Harvard University is closed due to public safety concerns.

Holly Henry April 19, 20138:15 am

CBS News reports: Tamerlan Tsarnaev is dead.

Holly Henry April 19, 20138:13 am

CBS News’ Bob Orr reports the two suspects are brothers.

Holly Henry April 19, 20138:12 am

Businesses in area of 480 Arsenal Street in Watertown closed until further notice.

Matt Knight April 19, 20138:02 am

Boston police commissioner says ‘shelter in place’ recommendation has been extended for all of Boston

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:56 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:45 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:45 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:43 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:39 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:32 am

The Amtrak rail line suspension is related to the search for the Boston Marathon attack suspect, Amtrak spokesperson Christian Leeds told CNN. The temporary shutdown is between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island.

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:13 am

(CNN) — Police activity was taking place in Boston’s Kenmore Square, CNN’s Drew Griffin reported. Two people were in handcuffs and an apparent controlled explosion took place.

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:12 am

The FBI has released a new photo of the two suspects:

Matt Knight April 19, 20137:00 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20136:56 am

(CNN) — Amtrak train service between Providence, Rhode Island, and Boston has been suspended, it said Friday.

Matt Knight April 19, 20136:54 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20136:53 am

Matt Knight April 19, 20136:53 am

The person who was shot and killed in the Boston Marathon terror attack manhunt is believed to have had explosives on his body, a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation said Friday.

Matt Knight April 19, 20136:53 am

All Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority service is currently suspended at the request of the police, Joe Pesaturo, the authority’s public information officer, said Friday. Known as the T, it runs bus, subway, commuter rail, and ferry routes in the Boston area. This comes as police hunt down one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon terror attack on Monday.

Harvard, MIT and Emerson College have closed their campuses.