Here’s the Good News: Kurt surprises woman who took action for stranger in need

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Portsmouth, Va. - What started out as a trip to Walmart for super glue turned into an opportunity for a young Navy doctor to do a random act of kindness!

Barbara Johnson. the woman who benefited from this good deed, emailed us asking for help to find this good Samaritan to thank her.

We took action to track down this do-gooder to reward her!

Barbara Johnson says she was in line at Walmart to checkout and Alyson Brinker, the Navy doctor, was behind her. Johnson told Brinker to get into a different line because she had a debit card with a set amount of money on it. Johnson wasn't sure she was going to be able to pay for all her groceries. That’s when Brinker took action!

Brinker actually helped Johnson pay for the items she could not afford!

For her good deed, NewsChannel 3 presented Brinker with a People Taking Action Award and a $100 Visa Gift Card from Southern Bank.