Would you hire a tactical nanny to protect your kids?

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What would you do to protect your children? A former local Navy SEAL bets you'd hire a veteran to take care of them. Someone who could use her military training to keep them on schedule and in line. And maybe even, use her gun to keep them safe from bad guys.

Jonathan Gilliam, who once served here in SEAL team four, is building a brand-new business around a woman who is the prototype "tactical nanny," a combination of Mary Poppins and G.I. Jane.

He wants to recruit, train and deploy hundreds of these tactical nannies to affluent families in New York and elsewhere where they would use their combat-tested training to raise children, and if a family wants it, even protect the kids body-guard style.

He's looking for female veterans right here in Hampton Roads. What would this job pay?

Well, a lot more than these women made in the military. Interested?

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