Gun shop owner has mixed reaction to President Obama’s gun control proposals

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A tempered reaction to the president's call for gun control: That's what we found today at the Marksman Gun Range and Firearms Store in Newport News.

Owner George McClain doesn't think the proposals outlined today will stop another shooting like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but he's not opposed to all the ideas

He's on board with the mandatory background checks and a plan to outlaw armor piercing bullets.

It's the call to limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds and outlaw assault weapons where McClain draws the line.

“If we make them illegal, the bad guys don't care what the law is. They're just going to go and make their own and do the same thing, so I don't see the benefit in that,” says McClain.

The fix, he says, is making sure guns don't end up in the hands of the mentally ill.

“We have to start taking some action to get these folks help and the longer we delay in doing that, then the more serious the problem becomes,” says McClain.