Pharmacies running out of flu shots

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It's this January's version of the must-have Christmas toy.

Drive by a drug store and their signs say they've got it, but many people are being turned away, as pharmacies are running out of the flu vaccine.

NewsChannel 3 took action to see just how tough it is to find a place that still has flu shots.

We went on, typed in our zip code, and we were given a list of a few dozen places that were supposed to have them.

When you call the pharmacies, many of their automated messages say they have the flu shot, but it's only when you talk to a store worker you find out that's not the case.

The run on flu shots is in response to what's been a very busy January for places like Patient First in Virginia Beach.

"It's just been an avalanche of patients coming in, all with flu-like symptoms," said Dr. Mark Hippenstiel, with Patient First. "We've been taking care of them as fast as we can, but we could have ten doctors here, and it still wouldn't be enough."