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Man fired for pulling gun on fake-beard bandit happy to learn of arrest

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Investigators called Devin McLean shortly after arresting the suspected fake-bearded bandit, Ronald Carr.

"Initially, it was like finally, you know, finally this guy is off the street," said McLean.

Carr is suspected of robbing more than 30 businesses and restaurants on the Peninsula over the past two years. At this time, he's only been charged with 18. Police finally caught Carr last week after arresting him for stealing items out of several cars in Newport News.

"It seems like I'm the reason he stopped robbing stores and breaking into vehicles," McLean said.

Sheriff says he plans to honor ‘AutoZone Hero’ for taking action against ‘Fake Beard Bandit’
AutoZone employee fired after scaring off ‘Fake Beard Bandit’ humbled by community support
AutoZone employee fired after taking action against “Fake Beard Bandit”

Devin took action after recognizing the fake-bearded bandit while working at an AutoZone in York County back in November. He ran outside of the store to get his own gun and confronted the would-be robber, who was holding his store manager at gunpoint. The accused serial robber dropped the cash and ran off. But days later, he was fired for violating the company's policy by bringing in his own weapon inside the store.

"I still have people, daily, saying you did the right thing, we're proud of you," said the former AutoZone employee.

Police tell NewsChannel 3 that the fake-bearded bandit never tried to rob another business after Devin's actions. Devin now has a new job after we shared his story last month. He's also a father after his fiancé gave birth to a baby boy on Christmas Day.