“Beard Accessory” Shopping

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Photo credit: Beardbeanie.com

Photo credit: Beardbeanie.com

Photo credit: Beardbeanie.com

Check out the “Beardski.”

It’s for those guys who always wanted to try out the ‘grizzly adams’ look – but could never manage a full-on ZZ-top beard.

It’s part insulating mask – part beard. It comes in several colors – from brown to red to grey – even ‘Santa Claus white’.

Prices start at $24.99.

Don’t want a really full beard? You can always try the ‘beard beanie’!

It’s a crocheted look created by expert craftswoman, Tara Duff.

And just like the Beardski – it also comes in lots of colors. Many are already sold out!


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