Football players tackle in Army/Navy game; members honor 2 local sailors

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The Army/Navy game was Saturday in Philadelphia and two members of the Midshipmen wore patches in honor of two local sailors. Lieutenant Charles Silva served as a Navy pilot for 12 years during the Vietnam era.
  A few weeks ago, he was beaten to death by people trespassing on his property in Chesapeake.
    After hearing what happened a Navy Commander wanted to help.
“If we go to a bowl game, we will wear patches of units, squadrons, ships that triggered my mind about hey, why dont i ask the family what his favorite patch was and see if anybody would wear it?” said Commander Chris Reaghard
   So the family picked Silva’s favorite F8 Crusaders patch, and had one specially made with his name on it.
    And senior safety Tra’ves Bush agreed to wear it.
 A Navy player also wore the Seal Team Three patch of Brenden Looney.
   He was one of six americans killed in a 2010 helicopter crash in Southern Afghanistan.
   Looney’s family just visited Virginia Beach three months ago, to participate in the Travis Manion 9/11 Heroes Run in his honor.
    Linebacker Brye French wore his patch on Saturday and those men were represented wel.
Vice President Joe Biden greeted the players before the game.
   The Navy Beat the Army 17 to 13.
   It was their 11th win in a row over the Army.