NCIS involved in base housing burglary investigations

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Norfolk police told NewsChannel 3 DeAngelo Page, who is wearing Navy fatigues in his mug shot, is behind burglaries in off-base military housing. 

Police said the 22-year-old broke into at least two homes in his own neighborhood, Iowa Estates military housing near Naval Station Norfolk.

Among Page’s laundry list of charges are grand larceny, breaking and entering and sale of stolen property.

Norfolk police said they are also investigating more burglaries at Iowa Estates and Ben Moreell military housing.

NewsChannel 3 has also learned there has been at least one burglary reported in housing near Joint Forces Staff College on Naval Station Norfolk in the last month.  NCIS officials told NewsChannel 3 they are assisting base police with that investigation.

“It's terrible,” said Navy wife Natasha Bradley, who lives in off-base military housing near Naval Station Norfolk.  “If that's the case, they need to bump up security or something.”

Bradley said burglars targeted her last year.

“We had our GPS stolen out of our car and a neighbor of ours had their motorcycle taken overnight,” she said.

NewsChannel 3 got wind of the burglaries after seeing concerned posts on the Spouses of Norfolk Naval Station Facebook page.

Norfolk police said they do not see this as a military housing burglary trend, citing eight burglaries in the last month compared to seven in the same time period last year.  However, Bradley is more concerned about who may be behind the on-base burglaries.

“It's got to be military personnel,” said Bradley.  “They have to have I.D. or clearance or something to get through the gate.”

While Page is facing charges in off-base military housing burglaries, NCIS officials have not said who they believe is behind the burglaries on base.

“People work hard, especially our military families,” said Bradley.  “We don’t make as much money as people think,  and whatever property we do have, we need to hold on to.  So just please stop.”