Taking Action Getting a Job: General Clerk II

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Job Number: 330452

Job Description: General Clerk II

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The employee will perform administrative and clerical duties in support of a Naval Aviation squadron. The duties may include but are not limited to:

• Official Mail Management: Receipt, appropriate handling, and distribution of U.S. Mail.

• Navy correspondence: Preparation of standard Navy correspondence, letters, and messages.

• FITREPS/EVALS: Familiarization with preparation of evaluations and reports of fitness.

• Personnel: Processing of personnel actions such as leave, pay, Page 2 preparation, SGLI, travel, and security clearances. Personnel accounting procedures including muster reports, gains, and losses.

necessary force to move wheeled production equipment weighing 500 lbs a distance of 300 feet

Ability to routinely move product and containers between equipment processes

Ability to perform tasks at a rate equal to productions standards