New device can track your pet’s activity levels

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Device will track your pet's activity levels.

New device will track your pet’s activity levels. Photo: Browning Diesel goes for a walk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Soon, there will be a new way for pet owners to track the activity levels of their furry friends.

According to, The Pet Tracker, a new activity tracker for dogs, allows the pet owner to view how much activity the canine companion has had in the past 24 hours and determine if he needs more or fewer walks.

The report goes on to say that this tracker can even differentiate between various activities — in this case, catching a Frisbee, rolling over, or playing fetch.

This activity tracking will be available late next week for free to current Tagg owners in an over-the-air update, according to The current Tagg device is used solely as a tracker and uses GPS to keep tabs on your dog’s location. 

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