Dangerous Lighters

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Every year fires caused by lighters kill dozens of people. Most of the victims are children. Consumer Reports has a warning about some newer lighters that are
especially enticing to kids. They look like toys and are called novelty lighters.

Even the Lighter Association, the industry trade group for traditional lighters, has called
for a nationwide ban on the sale and distribution of novelty lighters. Yet they’re available
for sale in most states, as well as online.

Most lighters, including novelty lighters, are required by the Consumer Product Safety
Commission to have some kind of “mechanism that makes the lighter child-resistant.”
But that doesn’t mean lighters are childproof.

Consumer Reports’ advice: Store lighters and matches out of children’s reach. And
never underestimate their curiosity about fire or their ability to use a lighter.

Some state and local governments have banned the sale and distribution of novelty

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