Taking Action Getting a Job: Personal and Home Care Aides needed

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Job Order Number:    289553

*             Job Title:

                Personal and Home Care Aides

*             Occupation:

                Personal Care Aides

*             Job Duration:

                Over 150 Days

*             Type of Job:


*             Full or Part Time:

                Full Time (30 Hours or More)

*             Job Position(s):


*             Date Job Order Created/Updated:


*             Last Day Job Order Available Online:


*             Source:

                Preferred Employer

*             Site:

                Virginia Workforce Connection

*             Other Related Jobs:

                View other Jobs Available for Personal Care Aides

*             Supply and Demand:

                View Competition for Personal Care Aides


Employer Information

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*             Employer Name:

                FamMat Services LLC

*             Company Website:

*             Principal Industry (NAICS):

                Other Individual and Family Services (624190)

*             No. of Employees (Company Size):


*             Type of Employer:

                Private Sector

*             Company Profile:

                View Company Profile

*             Other Employers:

                View Largest Employers of Personal Care Aides

Job Requirements

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*             Test Requirement:

                Employer will perform testing

*             Description of testing performed:

                Agency Orientation, Human Rights, HIPPA, Infection Control, Emergency Preparedness

*             Hiring Requirements:

                Background Checks, Reference Checks, Motor Vehicle Record Check

*             Minimum Education Level:

                High School Diploma or Equivalent

View Typical Education Requirements for Personal Care Aides

*             Minimum Experience:

                1 months

View Typical Work Experience Requirements for Personal Care Aides

*             Driver’s License Certification Requirement:

                Yes, Operator License

*             Drivers License Endorsements:

                No Endorsements

*             Job Skills:

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Compensation and Hours

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*             Salary Range:

                $9.00 – $12.00 Hour

*             Labor Market Wage Rates:

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*             Pay Comments:

                DOE (Depends on Experience)

*             Hours per Week:

                Not Specified

*             Shift:

                Other, see job description

*             Benefits:


Work Site Information

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*             Location Name:

                FamMat Services LLC

*             Address:

                758 McGuire Place

*             City, State, Zip, and Country:

                Newport News, VA 23606 US

Map Address

*             Public Transportation Accessible:


*             Worksite Industry (NAICS):

                Other Individual and Family Services (624190)

Job Description

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Performs direct care services in the private homes of clients with mental retardation and/or other disabilities; May require use of personal vehicle.IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY IN HAMPTON ROADS AREA

Special Skills (degrees, certifications, software, etc.)

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CPI Behavior management training, CPR/First Aid Certification, High school diploma or equivalent