Here’s the Good News: Lots of jobs available for Veterans at Recruit Military job fair

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Veterans already face challenges finding work when they come home from war--and sometimes, military job fairs don't help matters. Many only have employers referring you to a website with no open positions, or for-profit schools trying to get your GI Bill benefits.

This week, you are in luck. NewsChannel 3 found one job fair where companies are indeed hiring for jobs open right now--and lots of them.

More than 40 companies will be at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach Town Center on Thursday, for the Recruit Military job fair, only open to military veterans and their spouses.

“We pride ourselves in our ability to take experienced veterans and place them in the work force,” said Chuck St. Pierre, the Chief Operating officer for Triquetra Technologies.

Based in Newport News, the company is looking to fill at least 13 different overseas positions for software engineers and intelligence specialists.

“Veterans are the most disciplined, well-trained and focused workforce I believe exists in our country today,” said St. Pierre.

Since these jobs are in Afghanistan, the pay will be in the six figures and you don't even need a degree.

“We have a range of positions open with intelligence, and they are more concerned with experience on the job than they are with education,” said St. Pierre.

Some businesses are even planning on interviewing on the spot with those coming to the job fair.

“Great opportunity for us to tap into military qualities like leadership, integrity and professionalism,” said Tim Little, the Hampton Roads area director for Chili's, who is looking for a handful of restaurant manager candidates at tomorrow's job fair.

“We are looking for someone energetic and highly motivated--not just looking for a job but for a career,” said Little.

Southern Auto Group tells NewsChannel 3 they will be hiring as many sales people and auto technicians as they can find, and Home Depot tells us they are looking to hire more than 200 people for their stores around Hampton Roads.

So pull out your business suit and bring your resume to the Sandler Center tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., for the Recruit Military Virginia Beach Veteran Job Fair.