Police continue to investigate possible abduction in Norfolk

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Norfolk Police are still investigating a possible abduction. They say this morning, a 12-year-old who was riding the school bus saw what he thought was a little girl being held against her will in a van.

Sandra Quinones has always been very careful when it comes to her five-year-old niece, but she's even more worried about her now.

"I see someone I don`t recognize, or even a car that I don`t recognize, I get very nervous.  That`s why I don`t let her outside in the front. If she wants to play, I take her in the back yard and always keep an eye on her," says Quinones.

The possible abduction happened right on Quinones' Norview Street. She lives in a neighborhood where she says young kids walk to school alone all the time.

"I`m thinking to myself, 'how can these parents send their kids off to school by themselves?  Don`t they know that they can be taken at any moment and any time?"

Police have had no reports of any little girls missing in the area, so the question remains whether or not this abduction really happened.

"The way kids think nowadays and the way things really are, I have my 50/50 suspicions that it might be true or it might not."

But even if it isn't true, the terryfying thought that it could happen to their kids gives local parents a reason to keep a closer eye on them.