The dangers of cleaning a meth lab

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Entering a meth house can be really hazardous or even deadly.

The fumes from over-the-counter cold medicine, acetone and other chemicals used to make the drug can be lethal.

When authorities enter suspected meth labs, they must wear HAZMAT suits and gas masks.

Once police have done their job, it’s time for the experts to come in and clean it up to get it back to a livable condition. That, too, is risky business. But first Atlantic Restoration in Virginia Beach does it often.

Experts wear a full-body suit including gloves, the tape around the sleeves and a mask. It’s all about safety.

“We’re gonna make sure they’re properly prepared for it,” says Bart Brown.

Brown says the trained workers use a mixture of household cleaning liquids and water to wipe down everything exposed.  Once that’s done, residue levels are checked based on the level used in North Carolina because Virginia doesn’t have a level.  Anything below the point one micrograms per 100 square feet is good.

“The procedures are no different than cleaning up after a fire or after a mold job; it’s just attention to detail and being thorough,” says Brown.

That can cost up to $15, 000 which is paid for by the homeowner.  It’s a dangerous job to both investigate and clean these places.