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MO Money Tax Loan Checks Delayed Monday

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI - FOX2now.com)— "I guess they just were not anticipating the show up that they got, but they got it," says Derek Johnson who was among dozens of people who had hoped to get their tax return from the Mo Money location on New Halls Ferry. "I filed my taxes and they say on the 18th my check will be here. I arrived at seven o clock this morning and they said it would be the afternoon." But when he did, there were more people, more confusion, more frustration.

There were so many people that police were called to clear parking lots and calm things down.

"There are a lot of people that have to pay rent, car notes, electric bills, gas bills," says Johnson, "a lot of people out here need that money," like Rob Milam who had planned to start his move to Georgia immediately, "I can't. I got no check. I got no gas that I was guaranteed on the 18th." Milam says, "that's just what they said is come here on the 18th and it will be here, but nothing.

"I need the check," says Brooklyn Hall. She called about her check but clogged phone lines lead her to stop by, her two young kids in tow, only to find out she had to wait. "I got bills to pay. I was planning on today paying a couple of my bills," she says, "I guess we just gotta try and wait and see what happens."

Patience is exactly what some customers and the franchise owner were urging people to do. He told us and most of the people that electronic snafus were to blame and he planned to stay until 2:00 am to get loan checks out.

"Sometimes you have to wait," says supportive customer Dennis Brown, "I understand people want their money, but I just ask people to work with this young black man. He has a nice business. It's an up and coming business and stuff happens. He had a computer go out and he has one that he is printing off of. We are just asking people to be patient and we will get their checks as fast as they can."

This was the only MO Money location FOX 2 was able to see problems.