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Congressman Scott Rigell to tour homes of Navy families complaining about mold

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After NewsChannel 3 aired the first story about mold inside military housing, we started to receive more and more complaints every day about the living conditions inside Lincoln Military Housing.

Now Congressman Scott Rigell is coming to Hampton Roads to tour the homes of those with mold complaints.

The congressman says that he learned about the mold stories through a staff member who saw our stories.

Today, the congressman talked exclusively to NewsChannel 3’s Laurie Simmons about the issue. He also had an opportunity to speak to one of the victims via phone.

Rep. Rigell talked about his conversation with the family.

“Heartache, pain expressed by these families based on what I heard—the description of mold, they had to deal with, I think the acid test is this, “Would I have my family in that home?” And the answer is, no,” says Rigell.

“I appreciate you bringing this to the attention level it really deserves. We are going to continue, not going to let go until these families are taken care of,” says Rigell.