Introducing WeatherCall – A new service that delivers precision severe storm warnings to your telephone, 24 hours a day.

Many counties in the WTKR viewing area are a thousand square miles or larger. Dangerous storms are often less than 200 square miles. In the past, severe weather warnings were issued for entire counties creating uncertainty as to exactly where the threat really is. The National Weather Service now uses a new and much more precise method to define a warning area called STORM-BASED WARNINGS that reduces the size of a warning area by an average of 75%.

WeatherCall combines this new method to determine a warning area with robust emergency telephone notification. Using computerized mapping, WeatherCall matches the danger area defined by the National Weather Service with your address. If your address is within the danger area of the weather warning, Chief Meteorologist, Patrick Rockey, will deliver the warning message to the phone numbers you register, and also send you an e-mail if you provide one.

Important things to know about WeatherCall before you sign up:

The WTKR WeatherCall service is a very precise storm warning service, which only costs $6.00 per year to subscribe to. When you register, your home or business will be assigned a latitude/longitude value which is stored in the WeatherCall computers, along with your telephone numbers and e-mail addresses (if you have them).

You may register up to 3 telephone numbers and 3 e-mail addresses for each location. You may register landline or cellphone numbers. You may have the warning sent to a digital cell phone via SMS text messaging. For instructions, visit and click on the FAQ’s. You MUST provide a PHYSICAL STREET ADDRESS. Our system cannot locate Post Office Boxes, Mail Stops, Rural Routes, etc. Tornado Warnings are mandatory. You may choose to also receive Severe Thunderstorm phone calls and/or e-mails, and Flash Flood warnings via e-mail and SMS text messaging. Please click on the link below to read the WeatherCall Suscriber Agreement. You may print a copy for your files. WeatherCall Subscriber Agreement.

To register, click here

To log into your account, click here.

For those who do not have Internet access, please call 1-800-260-6695.


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