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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile are made of clay baked in a kiln.

– Tiles range in size from 4″ to 20″
– Smooth surface
– Textured surface
– Stone-look surface
– Glazing – Adds a protective layer to resist water and stains and can enhance color
– Tile needs a stable sub-floor to prevent the tile and grout from cracking
– The area were tile is to be installed must be clean, dry and level
– The floor joists must strong enough to support the weight of the tile and its subsurface
– Cement Board – This is basically a board of concrete. It usually comes in 4’x4’ sheets that are ¼ to ½ inch thick. It is the most commonly used subsurface.
– Concrete – An excellent subsurface
– Gypcrete – A lightweight, self-leveling concrete-like subsurface made of gypsum and bonding agents.
If the floor will be subject to impact or abrasion, check the tile’s hardness rating. There are several ratings to choose from, choose the one best for you. Choose heat-resistant tiles for a fireplace hearth.