• John A. Rutledge

    Teen wanted in connection with Portsmouth burglary

    Portsmouth, Va. – The Portsmouth Police Department is asking for help in finding a suspect who is wanted in connection with a burglary that occurred in the Cavalier Manor section of the city. Police are searching for 18-year-old John A. Rutledge, Jr. of the 600 block of Meander Road in Portsmouth. According to detectives, Rutledge […]

  • health-care

    How ‘magic mushroom’ chemical could free the mind of depression, addictions

    (CNN) — Think of psychedelics and you’ll likely think of bright colors, hallucinations, spirituality, and an overall “mystical” experience. For centuries these drugs have been used in social, religious and medicinal contexts by cultures across the globe. But today, the ability of these drugs to alter our brain function is being tapped into as a […]

  • sumo1

    From ‘sumo wrestler’ to distance runner

    (CNN) – Yusuke Kirimoto was always overweight. When he visited his relatives in Japan, they would jokingly say, “the sumo wrestler is back.” Their comments were meant to be funny, but Kirimoto still felt the sting. Kirimoto and his wife Megumi had their daughter Sara in 2006. Like many toddlers, Sara would run around their […]

  • rgiii

    MRI shows no ankle fracture for RGIII

    Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III said Monday that the MRI exam done on his left ankle after Sunday’s injury showed no fractures, according to the Washington Post.

  • newschannel3-400

    Suffolk carjacking, robbery under investigation

    Suffolk Police are investigating a carjacking and robbery that occurred Monday morning in the parking lot of a restaurant downtown.

  • arrest2

    Argument leads to stabbing arrest in Norfolk

    Norfolk, Va. – A man has been arrested and charged after another man was injured during an argument, police tell NewsChannel 3. On September 12, 2014 at approximately 2:10 p.m., Norfolk Police responded to the 900 block of E. Brambleton Avenue for a person with a weapon. Police found a man suffering from a severe laceration. […]

  • photo1

    Secret children, living and dead, reportedly hidden by squalor for years

    BLACKSTONE, Mass. — It was a shocking and gruesome discovery — three dead infants found in a Massachusetts home so squalid that police officers had to search it in hazmat suits. Now, days later, as investigators continue to search through what the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office describes as the home’s “deplorable conditions (such as) massive insect […]

  • Family of seven displaced in Norfolk fire

    Norfolk, Va.- At around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, Norfolk Fire Rescue was called to a residential structure fire at 1701 Melon St. Once they got to the scene, fire fighters reported smoke and flames from the corner of the single-family residence. The fire was under control at around 1:22 a.m. Fire crews located the family […]

  • 2b

    Be careful at work! America’s most dangerous jobs

    (CNN) – America’s workplace got safer last year. But these workers were still at a much higher risk of fatal injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Loggers Deaths per 100,000 workers: 91.3 Median wage: $33,630 Even though most trees are now safely cut down using big harvesting machines, not all of them can […]

  • g2

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earned $105 million in 5 years

    Goodell became commissioner in 2006, and earned $105 million from the 2008 through 2012 seasons. The league has yet to file its 2013 season financials.

  • virginia beach

    All swimming advisories lifted for Chesapeake Bay, VB Oceanfront

    UPDATE:  The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health has lifted all swimming and wading advisories that were issued Sept. 10 for parts of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach. Lab results show bacteria levels in the water meet the State Water Quality Standards. Signs have been removed that previously alerted the public […]

  • olivegarden

    Olive Garden’s big problem? Cold breadsticks

    One prominent Darden investor is so fed up it's demanding changes to make the Italian-themed food better.