NewsChannel 3′s internships provide students interested in a career in broadcasting with a meaningful, hands-on learning experience through internship programs designed to augment classroom study.

Note: You must be enrolled and provide written proof of college credit to participate in the WTKR NewsChannel 3 internship program. 

To qualify for participation in the program, students must receive credit hours from the college or university they are attending. The number of credit hours received and the required internship hours worked are to be determined by the college or university. At least one letter of recommendation from a professor or academic counselor and an outline of the school’s requirements and expectations are to be submitted with applications.

Once the application is submitted, intern candidates will have a personal interview, and participation in the program will be determined at that time.
Note: We are currently accepting applications.

-Spring Semester deadline is January 1st
-Summer Semester deadline is May 1st
-Fall Semester deadline is August 1st

NewsChannel 3 Internships

NewsChannel 3 Internship Guidelines

WTKR Intern Application Application

Completed applications and accompanying materials are to be mailed to:

Pamela Pierce
Benefits/Payroll Administrator
NewsChannel 3
720 Boush Street
Norfolk, VA 23510-0300

Questions may be emailed to