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    Multiple deployments are always tough for members of the military and their families. The “With You All the Way” event will address these issues next week.
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    If you're looking to get involved in the community or to meet new people, check out this great opportunity.
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  • Posted on: 10:15 pm, March 20, 2013, by , updated on: 06:20am, March 21, 2013

    Virginia Beach, Va. – MURPH: The Protector movie will open in theaters this weekend. The film tells the story of...
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    Norfolk, Va. – If you’re a chocoholic, you’ll love this! The Virginia Chocolate Festival is coming to the Norfolk Scope...
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    Chocolate Schedule
  • Posted on: 4:27 pm, March 12, 2013, by , updated on: 04:29pm, March 12, 2013

    (CNN) — Your Facebook “likes” might be revealing more than you know about your private life. It is possible to...
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    Would you like to cast your vote for military spouse of the year? Click here to find out how.
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      AAA Story, Aired 2-21-13 on WGNT News 7-9am.
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    Would you like to help an animal at the SPCA. Click here to find out how to donate to the...
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    Are you ready to file your taxes? Click here to find out about free tax filing in Norfolk. Click here...
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    To see the full report, click here. 
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