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    ‘I’m not blue, and I’m not gigantic’: Couple banned from Facebook over last name

    Prescott, AZ (KTVK) — Facebook is one of the most popular social media services around, but a Prescott couple says Facebook has banned them from using the site. What’s in a name? Well, apparently a lot. Just ask this young Prescott couple. “My name is Balizar Orion Avatar. I go by Boa.” Boa says his name, Balizar Orion Avatar, is very special to him. “My dad told me that my name in Sanskrit is ‘May the Lord protect the king, […]

  • headstone2

    Man builds patio with dumped military headstones

    A homeowner in Missouri built a patio using military headstones.

  • principal1

    New elementary school principal has risen literally from the floor up

    Overland Park, Kansas — A new principal in the Shawnee Mission School District is familiar with his elementary school from the floor up. Chris Lash first walked into Briarwood Elementary School as a kindergartner. Even after he graduated from elementary school, he wasn’t done treading its floors. In college, he returned as a part-time night custodian while taking classes during the day. “I always did two mop buckets to get bathrooms extra clean,” he recalled. His days of mopping and sweeping […]

  • whale1

    Giant whale in need gets helping hand from fisherman

    An Australian fisherman’s once-in-a-lifetime experience with a giant whale has gone viral. Ivan Iskenderian was out in Sydney Harbor when a whale got very close and then went underneath the boat. It turns out it needed help. The whale had a plastic bag and fishing line stuck near its mouth. After several passes close by the boat Ivan managed to reach over and help free him. The whale even stuck around long enough to allow time for a few post-rescue […]

  • wallet2

    Wallet lost in World War II returned to veteran 70 years later

    Madera County, Calif. — Seventy years ago, Eligio Ramos lost his wallet during World War II. Ramos, who now lives in Fresno, California, dropped the wallet while taking shelter during the war in an Austrian farmhouse in 1945. He never expected to see it again. Then, on June 18th of this year, a letter arrived from Dr. Josef Ruckhofer. Ruckhofer’s late grandfather owned that farmhouse where the soldiers hid. He had found the wallet while removing some old wooden planks. […]

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    This artist was born without hands, but can paint better than you!

    Dallas, TX (KDAF) — For most artists, painting is a way to express creativity and passion. But for one Pleasant Grove native, it’s a little more than that. “I started painting because I was trying to solve a problem,” Desmond Blair told NewsFix. “I tried writing with my feet, with my mouth, and eventually, somehow, I figured out how to write with both my hands.” He then discovered crayons. “Like any little kid, I was interested in cartoons and like […]

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    Woman dies after illegal butt injection procedure at St. Louis hotel

    Edmundson, MO  — Authorities in Edmundson are investigating the death of a woman who may have received illegal buttocks injections at a hotel near Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Daysha Phillips, 22, died a few days after she went to the hotel with three other women. Police in Edmundson contacted Dallas investigators about the possible involvement of Denise Ross,  who had been arrested on a murder charge in February for the death of a Dallas woman in a similar case. Authorities […]

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    Teen fighting extremely rare “Childhood Alzheimer’s”disease

    Idaho Falls, Idaho — An Idaho teenager is bravely fighting an extremely rare disease, often referred to as “Childhood Alzheimer’s.” Kristen Wells, 17, was diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) five years ago. It’s a disease that causes her body’s cells to attack each other, according to the National Center of Biotechnology Information. In most parts of her body, the cells are able to reproduce and regenerate from the damage. The exception is her brain, where the cells don’t reproduce, which […]

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    Florida gun shop owner declares store a Muslim-free zone

    CITRUS COUNTY, Fl. — A Florida man is getting a lot of attention for his latest business move. He has declared the Citrus County gunshop a Muslim-free zone, in a YouTube video. Some people support the move, others say what he’s doing is against the law. “And so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone,” said store owner Andy Hallinan. He said he knew this video would get some attention. Several customers came in to show their […]

  • newschannel3

    Portsmouth Police investigating armed robbery of Cricket Wireless

    Portsmouth Police are investigating the armed robbery of a cell phone store that happened Sunday afternoon.

  • pacu

    ‘Testicle eating fish’ caught in New Jersey, report says

    A fisherman at a South New Jersey lake caught an exotic fish native to South America with human-like teeth and an 'overblown reputation for munching on male genitalia', according to a report from The Huffington Post via WPVI.

  • Portsmouth Police release 911 call from seafood store robbery

    Detectives with the Portsmouth Police Major Crimes Unit are investigating an armed robbery of S & J Seafood.


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