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Reed joined the News Channel 3 team in June 2010 as a general assignment reporter. Since then, he's covered a wide array of stories across Hampton Roads and northeast North Carolina. Reed says the best things about his job are that he learns something new every day, each shift is different, and he gets to meet so many interesting people. His favorite stories are those that exemplify the station's motto--"Taking Action, Getting Results"--by helping viewers. Any story on the beach finishes a close second.

Reed grew up in Great Falls, Virginia. After a six-year sabbatical in Upstate New York, he is ecstatic to return to his home state.

Before returning to Virginia, Reed worked at WBNG-TV in Binghamton, New York. He reported on important economic issues affecting that area, focusing on the debate over natural gas drilling.

Reed attended Syracuse University, graduating with a dual degree in broadcast journalism and political science and a minor in geography. As a second generation Orange fan, rooting for Syracuse basketball is in his genes.

In his free time, Reed works out, trains for marathons, and enjoys reading at the beach. He's a fanatic follower of HBO's "The Wire" and loves going to baseball games and trying new restaurants.

Recent Articles
  • Wall Manor

    UPDATE: Truman sailor who died after falling from 6th floor balcony identified

    A sailor has died after falling from a 6th floor balcony during a fight with another sailor at Naval Station Norfolk on Tuesday night.

  • Lawyer and husband busted for illegal poker ring

    A lawyer and her husband were arrested for running a poker ring inside the same building that hosts her law office.

  • Two hospitalized after Jet Ski accident on Lynnhaven River

    Two people have been transported to the hospital after a jet ski accident on the Lynnhaven River in Virginia Beach, according to the Virginia Beach Fire Department.

  • Lightning blamed for fire in Beach home’s chimney chase

    It was likely a bolt of lightning that hit a home on Lynnhaven Bay. It sparked a fire inside the house one family had lived in for nearly 40 years.

  • NewsChannel 3 takes action for neighbors concerned about low hanging cable

    Newport News, Va. – Neighbors are fed up. They’ve been dealing with a drooping phone cable falling so low it might as well be a limbo pole. “Any time a couple of birds get on it, it just goes on down, and goes on down. Eventually, it’s going to be on the ground before they fix it,” commented one neighbor. Neighbors on Bellwood Road say it started to sag about six weeks ago. They called the phone and utility companies […]

  • Protect your family from deadly bug invasion in Hampton Roads

    Disease carrying and potentially deadly bugs are invading Hampton Roads. Thirty-five different species of mosquitoes are in Chesapeake at any given time. One-third of them can carry fatal diseases like West Nile and triple-e. “And with triple e you certainly have a high death rate unfortunately,” says Nancy Welch, Chesapeake Health Director. Welch says about 35 percent of the time, triple e is deadly. It and West Nile are two diseases found in birds that can be transmitted to people through […]

  • Killer Summer: Propane Tank Bomb

    It’s great to grill with, just don’t let propane cook you as well this summer. “You don’t leave it in the car, just like, treat it like your baby,” says Doug Fohl A&B Propane Owner. Things can go wrong when you leave a propane tank in your car. On Labor Day weekend 2012, a Pungo man was preparing for his young son’s birthday. He died when a propane tank sparked a fire destroying his van. The liquid gas inside the […]

  • Delayed drowning — How is it possible?

    Drowning on dry land -- it can happen to people three days after they're pulled from the water. NewsChannel 3 breaks down what you need to know about delayed drowning.

  • Digging Dangers: Sand holes at the beach could be deadly

    More than 40 people die a year from it: sand caving in on them as they sit in a sand hole.

  • Time to celebrate the holiday weekend now that the hurricane is over

    Now that the storm is over, Americans are gearing up for a busy holiday weekend. Mike Powers had an active morning.  Now he’s grabbing last minute sides for the holiday weekend. “I had to pick up, as you can see, potato chips, got my milk, and cold cuts so I’m all set for the Fourth of July,” says Powers. Michael Pennock was kicked out of Hattteras by Arthur. Now he’s spending what’s left of his vacation in Chick’s Beach looking […]

  • VIDEO: Man goes on driving rampage, slams into several cars in Chesapeake neighborhood

    Chesapeake, Va. – A Chesapeake man has been arrested after police say he went on a rampage, slamming into garage doors, knocking out a front porch and hitting six parked cars along the way. Shalomo Israel is locked up.  Anthony Jones tells NewsChannel 3 he was Israel’s target after the two had gotten in a fight earlier in the day on Sunday. Jones says Israel was backing his car up at Jones’ driveway as he sat on the porch. “To turn around […]

  • Community takes action for family of fallen Norfolk officer

    When officer Brian Jones was shot and killed last month, those who knew the kind-hearted cop vowed to never forget. Three weeks later, a pair of events are taking action to make those words a reality.