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Myles Henderson joined the Live VIPIR Forecast Team in June of 2010. He is excited and proud to be a part of WTKR NewsChannel 3, the station that he grew up watching.

Myles is a local guy, calling Chesapeake home, and is a graduate of Hickory High School. Myles didn't venture too far from home after that, a few hours to the southwest to North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology at NC State.

Myles returned to the state of Virginia to start his career as a broadcast meteorologist at the Charlottesville Newsplex (WCAV/WVAW/WAHU). While at WCAV, Myles was a part of the weather team that won the Virginia Association of Broadcasters meritorious award for best weathercast.

When not forecasting in the Live VIPIR Forecast Center, Myles likes to spend time enjoying the outdoors. Camping, hiking, canoeing, snowboarding, any outdoor activity really, but the beach tops the list. He's also an avid sports fan, especially college football and basketball. Myles' favorite teams to follow are the NC State Wolfpack, Carolina Panthers, and Norfolk Admirals.

Recent Articles
  • snow1b

    Here we go again: From 70s to snow

    It seems like the winter that just won’t quit. Less than a week from the start of Spring and we have yet another chance for snow in the forecast for Sunday night and Monday. Here is the latest forecast as of Saturday afternoon… A cold front will move through the Mid-Atlantic tonight, bringing in colder air. On the tail end of that cold front an area of low pressure will move in for early next week. Like we have seen […]

  • This photo, captured by Elizabeth Quillman, shows an apparent tornado on the ground in Central Illinois. (CNN)

    Giant walls could stop tornadoes

    In a recent article in “Time”, Professor Rongjia Tao of Temple University claims that building large tornado walls could save lives and property by stopping twisters before they begin. Could a “Great Wall of America” really stop tornadoes? Professor Tao’s proposal calls for the construction of three walls,  1,000 feet tall and up to 100 miles long. These walls (with a $16.9 billion price tag) would be built in North Dakota, along the border between Kansas and Oklahoma, and in Texas […]

  • sand

    Why sand and salt?

    Every time a snow storm comes around we talk about spreading sand and salt or pretreating the roads with a brine solution. Why do road crews do that? Why does it help? It all has to do with the chemistry behind freezing… We all know that water freezes at 32°F. When salt is added to water the freezing point is lowered. For example, a 10% salt solution has a freezing point of about 20°F. A 20% salt solution has a […]

  • Water spots on Copper Plate

    When will the snow and ice melt?

    That is not a very simple question to answer because there are several atmospheric factors that help determine how fast snow and ice will melt. These factors are constantly changing and in a “tug and pull” of helping and hurting the melting process. The most obvious is temperature. If the air temperature is above 32°F snow and ice will start to melt, at or below 32° and it will remain frozen. Think about a popsicle… inside the freezer it stays […]

  • sun1

    Storm Central: Hampton Roads still cleaning up after major snow storm

    All winter weather advisories for the area have been lifted. Cleanup efforts continue.

  • Sunshine over Norfolk

    Sun, snow, and sixties

    Sunshine, a chance for snow, and temperatures in the 60s... all three are in the forecast!

  • snow-forecast2b

    UPDATE: More on today’s wintry mix

    Wednesday Morning Update The set up: The area of low pressure has formed along the Gulf Coast and will move up the East Coast today and tomorrow. The timing: No big changes to the timing. A few flurries or showers could sneak in Wednesday morning but those chances are slim. The brunt of the precipitation will move in from south to north – the Albemarle of North Carolina around 3pm and most of Hampton Roads by 5pm or shortly after. […]

  • Wednesday Mix

    Two snow chances in three days

    Two snow chances in the next three days. In order to see snow we need two things, moisture and cold air. We could see both through the first half of the work week.

  • 4

    A Record Setting Snow… sort of

    After two rounds of snow in just as many weeks, this season’s snowfall totals are starting to stack up. That has left many people asking questions like, “Is this the most snow we’ve ever had?” Well, no… but it is in the ballpark. In Norfolk, we received 3” of snow during last week’s storm and 8.4” of snow this week. That brings our January monthly snow total to 11.4”. That’s not the highest monthly snowfall total on record but it […]

  • Record breaking cold temperatures in Hampton Roads

    We have already set two new low temperature records this morning, and tie another...

  • 4

    UPDATE: Snowfall totals across Hampton Roads, North Carolina

    Here is an updated list of snowfall totals as of Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Elizabeth City: 6.2″ Hertford: 3.5″ Tyner: 6″ Zuni: 7″ Chesapeake: 10″ Carrollton: 7.2″ Franklin: 5.2″ South Norfolk/Chesapeake 7″ Oceana NAS: 8″ Norfolk NAS: 4″ Gloucester: 6″ Kempsville: 6.5″ Willoughby Spit: 10″ Norfolk Airport: 5.6″ Portsmouth: 8″ Surry: 4.5″ Wakefield: 3.9″ Suffolk: 5″ Great Bridge (Ches): 5″ Langley AFB: 6″ Poquoson: 5″ Wallops Island: 4″ Denbigh: 4″ Tabb York: 6.7″ Fox Hill: 7″ Williamsburg: 4.5″ Yorktown: 5″ […]

  • myles1

    How much snow will I see in my neighborhood?

    We are already seeing rain/sleet in areas near Hatteras and Frisco. The mix will move north over the Outer Banks in the morning. Most areas will see snow move in this afternoon from South to North. Everyone will see snow (or a mix for the Outer Banks) tonight. Snow will be heavy at times and blowing with North winds at 10-20mph. Snow will taper off tomorrow morning. How much snow will I see in my area? NE NC (Albemarle): 8-14″+ […]


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