Mike Mather is an Emmy-winning and Murrow-winning investigative reporter.

In his 25-year career, he has reported nationally and internationally for NewsChannel 3, The Daily Press, The Virginian-Pilot, CBS News, and The New York Times. His stories have earned dozens of journalism awards, including a Pulitzer nomination.

Career highlights:

-Proved Norfolk city leaders were not telling the full truth about the death of a police recruit. The city’s police chief later lost his job.

-Tracked down a murderous fugitive in Russia and secured the man’s return to the United States. He was convicted.

-Exposed a broken system that allowed a Norfolk auctioneer to repeatedly pocket clients’ money, without consequences. Mike’s story led to a state investigation and felony charges.

-Gained a pardon for a man wrongfully convicted of rape.

-Revealed how the FBI lost control of secret evidence in the Colonial Parkway serial murders, leading the agency to re-open the cases.

-Uncovered fatal mistakes in Virginia Beach’s foster-care system that led to the death of a child. The state launched an investigation because of Mike’s stories, and the director resigned.

Mike is one of the only journalists in the nation to graduate from a police academy and SWAT academy, where he got an inside look at how officers are selected and trained. He and his wife Elizabeth have four boys, including triplets. One of Mike’s triplets, Owen, has Cerebral Palsy. Mike helped found a charity running team in Virginia Beach dedicated to including disabled children in athletic events. Mike is also a volunteer instructor for Wintergreen Adaptive Sports, where he helps teach people with disabilities, including his son, to ski or snowboard.

Mike was born and raised in Virginia Beach but now lives in the Ghent section of Norfolk. He enjoys running, photography, snowboarding and volleyball, and he is a private pilot. He and several NewsChannel 3 colleagues sometimes pool their musical talents to play in a band. Mike plays guitar.

Follow him on Twitter, @mikemather

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    A former top-gun pilot who was found guilty of producing child porn, is now being accused of trying to give away secrets to China in exchange for his freedom.

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    Norfolk, Va. – Naeema Toure says when the sun sets, she retreats to her dorm. “I try to be in my room before it gets dark,” the senior said. “Because every time we get a campus alert, it’s always between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.” The latest alert that rattled her came July 6, when a female student reported a man tried to snatch her outside the library. She escaped. There have been no arrests. Toure says she doesn’t see […]

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    An FAA database shows nearly 200 incidents of pilots' close encounters with drones, including many in Virginia.

  • Engineer accused of trying to sell military secrets pleads guilty, could serve 11 years

    UPDATE: Awwad pleaded guilty to attempted espionage. He faces between 8 and 11 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for September. An engineer made it his life’s mission to steal American military secrets and give them to his home country. That’s what prosecutors outlined in a federal court hearing on Tuesday. Investigator Mike Mather was there when prosecutors revealed that when the carrier Gerald R. Ford first sets sail, Mostafa Awwad would know how to sink it. Marshals quickly moved Awwad […]

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  • Brianna Armstrong

    Missing woman’s remains found in Chesapeake

    The remains of missing Virginia Beach woman Brianna Armstrong have been found in Chesapeake, according to Chesapeake Police.

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    Martha Ross-Rodgers says the special tax fund amassed on the backs families and businesses in South Norfolk should stay in South Norfolk.

  • Worried police will delete video? There’s an app for that

    Norfolk, Va. – The American Civil Liberties Union has released a mobile-phone app that sends a copy of police video to its offices, in case the original is destroyed or deleted. An advertisement for the app, called “Mobile Justice,” includes video of a deputy U.S. marshal grabbing a bystander’s phone and smashing it. The app’s advertisements say in cases like that, a copy of the video will be sent to an ACLU office for investigation. In an email to NewsChannel […]


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