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Mike Mather is an Emmy-winning and Murrow-winning investigative reporter.

In his 25-year career, he has reported nationally and internationally for NewsChannel 3, The Daily Press, The Virginian-Pilot, CBS News, and The New York Times. His stories have earned dozens of journalism awards, including a Pulitzer nomination.

Career highlights:

-Proved Norfolk city leaders were not telling the full truth about the death of a police recruit. The city’s police chief later lost his job.

-Tracked down a murderous fugitive in Russia and secured the man’s return to the United States. He was convicted.

-Exposed a broken system that allowed a Norfolk auctioneer to repeatedly pocket clients’ money, without consequences. Mike’s story led to a state investigation and felony charges.

-Gained a pardon for a man wrongfully convicted of rape.

-Revealed how the FBI lost control of secret evidence in the Colonial Parkway serial murders, leading the agency to re-open the cases.

-Uncovered fatal mistakes in Virginia Beach’s foster-care system that led to the death of a child. The state launched an investigation because of Mike’s stories, and the director resigned.

Mike is one of the only journalists in the nation to graduate from a police academy and SWAT academy, where he got an inside look at how officers are selected and trained. He and his wife Elizabeth have four boys, including triplets. One of Mike’s triplets, Owen, has Cerebral Palsy. Mike helped found a charity running team in Virginia Beach dedicated to including disabled children in athletic events. Mike is also a volunteer instructor for Wintergreen Adaptive Sports, where he helps teach people with disabilities, including his son, to ski or snowboard.

Mike was born and raised in Virginia Beach but now lives in the Ghent section of Norfolk. He enjoys running, photography, snowboarding and volleyball, and he’s studying to be a pilot. He and several NewsChannel 3 colleagues sometimes pool their musical talents to play in a band. Mike plays guitar.

Follow him on Twitter, @mikemather

Recent Articles
  • 141107190547-oneill-osama-split-tablet-large

    Interview with SEAL who claims to have killed bin Laden airs on Fox News

    Former SEAL Robert O'Neill is now a motivational speaker, wowing audiences with his tales of life-and-death missions. Last night, in his first on-the-record interview broadcast by Fox News, he revealed new details of the mission he had yet to speak about in public -- the mission to find and kill Osama bin Laden.

  • Former SEAL who claims to have shot bin Laden speaks at Regent

    A former Virginia Beach-based SEAL Team 6 member is causing controversy after claiming that he is the one who shot Osama bin Laden. That sparked extra interest and extra security at a speech he gave at Regent University on Monday.

  • SEAL who shot bin Laden to speak at Regent

    Virginia Beach, Va. – The former Navy SEAL who says he shot Al Quaeda leader Osama bin Laden is scheduled to return to Virginia Beach Monday to speak at Regent University. His talk at the university’s Executive Leadership Series was long planned, but no one outside the military knew until this week he was the SEAL Team Six member who shot bin Laden in the head. Robert J. O’Neill, a popular motivational speaker, had planned to reveal his identity on a national television  […]

  • Parents say tougher stance, not “softer side,” needed for child support

    A slew of parents emailed NewsChannel 3, saying the state’s child-support enforcement agency needs to take a tougher stand against deadbeat dads and moms. They are reacting to a NewsChannel 3 investigation that showed the state’s Division of Child Support Enforcement has backed away from its toughest tactics to collect debts from deadbeats. The agency abandoned its Top 10 list showcasing the worst offenders, and case workers are more likely to recommend job counseling for parents who owe money rather […]

  • Child-support agency tries “softer” approach

    The state’s Division of Child Support Enforcement has abandoned its Top-10 list of deadbeat parents, saying the debtors deserve privacy. Instead, the agency’s staff is using things like Internet databases to find the debtors, and job counseling to get them working. “Sometimes, internally, we call this the ‘softer side’ of DCSE,” said Ron Harris, an assistant director. Harris said while the Top 10 list of Most Wanted Child Support Evaders shook loose cash, he said the effort was “Draconian” and […]

  • Virginia Wesleyan students voice their opinions about pending rape lawsuit

    Norfolk, Va. – Tweets from the Virginia Wesleyan campus newspaper, the Marlin Chronicle, show students packed into the library to hear from the college’s leaders, and to express their voices, too. The school has been embroiled for weeks now in a $10 million lawsuit alleging that in 2012, a freshman was drugged at a party, a party hosted by a student called a “peer advisor.” That freshman says a member of the lacrosse team then followed her to a dorm […]

  • Virginian Wesleyan protest organizer explains campus frustration

    Norfolk, Va. – The student who organized a silent protest on the campus of Virginia Wesleyan College says she and others are frustrated by a lack of candor from administrators, and angered by how college leaders have treated a rape victim. “I feel like people need to be held accountable for their actions,” said Molly Fanney. “And if I don’t say something, and other students don’t say something, then I am just as bad. I am just as much a […]

  • Kareem Turner, two others appear in Norfolk court in prelim hearing for July murder charges

    A Norfolk stripper party ended in 40 gunshots and a murder. Then after that, a man who days earlier beat a high-profile murder case was charged with another murder and jailed.

  • Virginia Beach Council reverses on controversial gun request

    Virginia Beach, Va. – The Virginia Beach City Council is backing away from part of a request that could have sent legal gun owners to jail if they failed to report a weapon stolen or lost. The request received a “110 percent negative reaction” Councilman Jim Wood told his colleagues at a meeting today. The city’s gun request was revealed in a NewsChannel 3 story last month. Immediately, gun-rights advocates mounted opposition, saying the proposal was attacking the wrong end […]

  • CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey trailers

    CDC survey trailers parked behind Greenbrier Mall cause rumors to fly

    There's no way around this: Ebola is scary. Ebola fears are sweeping the nation triggering moon suits, press conferences and a good amount of worry. So when a group of five CDC trailers suddenly appeared in a Chesapeake parking lot, the Internet rumor mill started spinning.

  • College facing rape lawsuit leads state in booze violations

    In four of the five past years, Virginia Wesleyan College has recorded the highest rates of on-campus liquor violations in the state, according to a NewsChannel 3 analysis of campus-safety records. In the other year, it was second. At the core of a lawsuit filed Friday in Norfolk is that the college founded on Christian principles has an undercurrent of underage drinking and sexual assault. In 2012 a freshman attending an orientation party says she was given alcohol spiked with a drug. She says […]

  • Multi-million dollar lawsuit accuses Virginia Wesleyan lacrosse player of rape

    A ten-million dollar lawsuit accuses a Virginia Wesleyan lacrosse player of rape, and it accuses the school of giving him a break so he could transfer to another campus. The lawsuit filed today in Norfolk doesn’t mince words. It says “The College knew that male students were drugging female students, rendering them incapacitated, and raping them…” while security guards and college officials turned a blind eye. The woman filing the lawsuit is using the name “Jane Doe.” Her attorney says […]


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